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Where the name came from

What's with the title Woodpile Report? Well, it's this way, from January of 2004 until mid-2007 it was emailed to a subscibers list. In that form it was titled the Woodpile Weather Report. A picture of ol' Remus's woodpile appeared at the top as both a weather report and, by documenting the progression from log pile to chunkwood to a split 'n stacked woodpile, a witness to the seasonal changes. It was the thin thread from which comments hung. As thrilling as all that was, the comments metastasized and took over. But the title remains.

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You're about to be lied to when they say-

a hand up
a new study shows
a poll by the highly respected
a positive step
are speaking out
at-risk communities
best practices
broader implications
climate change
commonsense solutions
comprehensive reform
cycle of poverty
cycle of violence
demand action
disparate impact
diverse backgrounds
economically disadvantaged
emerging consensus
evidence shows
experts agree
fair share
fiscal stimulus
fully funded
give back
giving voice to
greater diversity
growing support for
gun violence
have issues
high capacity magazine
history shows
impacted by
in denial
inclusive environment
investing in our future
linked to
making a difference
making bad choices
marriage equality
mean spirited
most vulnerable
mounting opposition to
non-partisan, non-profit
not value neutral
off our streets
on some level
oppressed minorities
our nation's children
people of color (sometimes, colour)
poised to
poor and minorities
positive outcome
public/private partnership
raising awareness
reaching out
reaffirm our commitment to
redouble our efforts
research tells us
root cause
sends a message
shared values
social justice
solidarity with
sow discord
speaking truth to power
statistics show
sustainable, sustainability
the American People
the bigger issue is
the failed ...
the larger question is
the more important question is
the reality is
the struggle for
too many
too often
touched by
underserved populations
undocumented immigrant
vibrant community
voicing concern
war on ...
working families

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You know who the media means by not saying who they mean when they say -

at-risk students
low-income students
mob and rob
mobbing up
pack of teens
rival gang members
roving group
swarm mob
teen gang
teen mob
teen thugs
unruly crowd
urban youths
young people
young men
youth violence

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Tactics of the Left
Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have

Never go outside the experience of your people.

Whenever possible, go outside the experience of the enemy.

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon

A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

A tactic that drags on for too long becomes a drag.

Use different tactics and actions and use all events of the period.

The threat is more terrifying than the thing itself.

Maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside.

The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

. . . . .


How To Create A Socialist State
by Saul Alinsky

1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

. . . . .


Moscow Rules
via the International Spy Museum

Assume nothing.

Never go against your gut.

Everyone is potentially under opposition control.

Don't look back; you are never completely alone.

Go with the flow, blend in.

Vary your pattern and stay within your cover.

Lull them into a sense of complacency.

Don't harass the opposition.

Pick the time and place for action.

Keep your options open.

. . . . .


Rules of Disinformation
via Proparanoid

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Become incredulous and indignant

Create rumor mongers

Use a straw man

Sidetrack opponents with name calling, ridicule

Hit and Run

Question motives

Invoke authority

Play Dumb

Associate opponent charges with old news

Establish and rely upon fall-back positions

Enigmas have no solution

Alice in Wonderland Logic

Demand complete solutions

Fit the facts to alternate conclusions

Vanish evidence and witnesses

Change the subject

Emotionalize, antagonize, and goad

Ignore facts, demand impossible proofs

False evidence

Call a Grand Jury, Special Prosecutor

Manufacture a new truth

Create bigger distractions

Silence critics


Remus's antidote: tell the truth as plainly as you can. Humor helps.

. . . . .


The Five Stages of Collapse
Dmitry Orlov

Financial Collapse. Faith in "business as usual" is lost.

Commercial Collapse. Faith that "the market shall provide" is lost.

Political Collapse. Faith that "the government will take care of you" is lost.

Social Collapse. Faith that "your people will take care of you" is lost.

Cultural Collapse. Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost.

. . . . .


The Five Rules of Propaganda
Norman Davies

Simplification: reducing all data to a single confrontation between ‘Good and Bad', ‘Friend and Foe'.

Disfiguration: discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.

Transfusion: manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one's own ends.

Unanimity: presenting one's viewpoint as if it were the unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people: drawing the doubting individual into agreement by the appeal of star performers, by social pressure, and by ‘psychological contagion'.

Orchestration: endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations.”

. . . . .


The Psychology of Cyber Attacks
Robert Cialdini
via securityintelligence.com

Principle of Liking - people tend to form trust with those they’re attracted to, both physically and emotionally

Social Proof - People are motivated more by what others do than a perceived or even quantifiable benefit

Rule of Reciprocation - Humans feel a sense of obligatory quid pro quo

Commitment & Consistency - Most people stick with their original decisions despite information that supports changing their course

Principle of Authority - Authority, whether real or perceived, elicits obedience in many people

Principle of Scarcity - People want to be included in exclusive offers and often make poor choices under pressure

. . . . .


How to prosecute anybody

Look around for "suspicious" behavior, i.e., behavior on the part of a private citizen that can be made to appear suspicious

Ruthlessly probe every element of the "suspect's" life, using the effectively infinite resources of the State, until enough "suspicious" behavior has been amassed

Assemble a huge list of charges to place before a grand jury

Present the case in such a fashion as to promote the less plausible accusations and obscure the more plausible ones, thus securing a grab-bag indictment

Offer the indicted person a plea bargain that will spare him centuries in prison and complete pauperization at the bargain price of a few years and/or a few thousand dollars.

Francis Porretto

. . . . .


email yer comments to ol Remus
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gradient on blue texture
gradient on blue texture
gradient on blue texture

George Cole, Pangbourne, 1886

George Cole was an English painter particularly known for landscapes depicting an idealized English countryside. Pangbourne is a village on the River Thames. Or, as we would say it, the Thames River.


art-remus-ident-04.jpg Let's talk trading material. First hand accounts from doomsday hunger wars mention coffee, treats and cigarettes as the top three "comfort items". They're worth considering. They trade far above their intrinsic value and, if nothing else, make great "deal sweeteners" in trades of a more serious nature.

Coffee is answered by instant coffee which, by its very nature, is a long-term storage item. The high quality brands are freeze dried. A cheaper and faster method is called Spray Drying, favored by economy brands. It's reasonable to assume a lower quality coffee is used as well. You'll recognize them by the larger granules on top and the near-dust on the bottom. Stocked alongside your premium brand, the cheaper stuff will make good trading material. Tea is a no-brainer. Vacuum pack a bunch-o'-tea bags. Done.

I also put away dry non-dairy powdered coffee creamer. Stated shelf life at room temperature is two years. I store it as-is. Bought on-line 1,000 Coffee-mate single-serve packets cost about $35, about 35¢ an ounce. Six 16-ounce containers cost about $30, about 31¢ an ounce. Or do as I did, put away a container or two from time to time and call it good.

Treats are answered by candy. I put away individually wrapped Jolly Rancher hard candy, vacuum packed in Mason jars. They're reportedly favored by our troops in Afghanistan, not least because they stand up to the harsh conditions. Good enough for me. They're hard to find so I bought 'em when I saw 'em. I've found unwrapped candy, Halloween candy corn specifically, fuses into a solid mass even when vacuum-packed.

Cigarettes are answered by vacuum packing bulk cigarette tobacco in Mason jars, along with a packet of papers. A little arithmetic will tell you how many.

Booze is not a priority item, surprisingly enough, but just to cover the bases I've put away a box of "airline size" liquor bottles. They're about a buck each, I bought 'em ten at a time at intervals. Straightforward whiskey, gin, rum and vodka was harder to come by than gimmicky stuff.

Next item Please

Herschel Smith has a warning about crowds in his essay, Preparing For Nuclear Disaster, at Captain's Journal:

Confined spaces are dangerous. Crowds are dangerous. You can get trampled, you can run out of oxygen, you can be exposed to toxic gases, you can be shot, and you can be assaulted and unable to fight back... Stay out of confined spaces. That means concerts by your favorite band, that means bars, that means fire trap buildings.

The crowd itself is a confined place. There are crowds with good intentions but there are no good crowds. What happens to the crowd happens to you. Stay away from crowds. Evade them if they approach. Escape if you're caught in one.

Next please

Karl "hang 'em high" Denninger at Market Ticker gets it right about the Charlottesville debacle:

Not only did the "alt-right" people have a permit the city attempted to revoke it and their action was struck down by a Federal Judge who granted an injunction against the city. The organizers not only requested and received the promise of public law enforcement support, a judge signed an order demanding same, an order that was then intentionally disobeyed by everyone from McAuliffe on down and, as a direct and proximate result, multiple deaths and myriad injuries occurred.

Next item

How big is an aircraft carrier? Pretty big, actually. Here's the Royal Navy's HMS Queen Elizabeth at Portsmouth Naval Base in southern England. It's medium-size by American standards, 70,600 tons versus ~100,000 tons.


If you wonder why white men are being driven from universities in record numbers, Anne Hendershott, sociology professor at Franciscan University, offers us a clue in this essay at Minding The Campus:

Last year’s national freshman class has the distinction of being “the most polarized cohort” in the 51-year history of UCLA’s Freshman Survey , the largest and longest running survey of American college students. Survey data collected from 137,456 first time, full-time students who entered 184 U. S. colleges and universities in the fall of 2016 revealed an all-time high of 41% of women who self-identify as “liberal or far left” with respect to political views. This is compared to only 28.9% of men—yielding the largest gender gap in self-reported liberalism to date.

Next please

The quote for this week comes from Theodore Dalrymple's essay, The Grand Illusion, at Taki's Magazine:

It is always the case that if things had been different, things would have been different. Though we are enjoined to count our blessings, it is far easier and more gratifying to count our curses. It accords with our desire to explain, or explain away, our failure. There are whole university departments set up to train students to do nothing else.

Next item

Dinesh D'Souza, in an interview at Freedomain Radio, explains how Leninist Bolshevism and Mussolini's fascism were tactics of 19th century Marxists "because a lot of the prophecies of Marx weren't coming true. Marx had predicted the outbreaks of communist revolutions in countries like England and Germany, and this just wasn't happening." He's quoted at WND:

The smart Marxists said: ‘Something is wrong with Marx. We need to modify Marx. We need a kind of new Marxism, if you will, for the 20th century.’

Mussolini was in fact a Marxist, the most famous Marxist in Italy along with Gramsci, and Mussolini was the editor of the Socialist Party magazine. So when Mussolini became a fascist, it was seen as a leftist move. Shortly after Mussolini’s march on Rome establishing the first fascist regime in the world, Lenin sent a telegram of congratulations. Why? He recognized Mussolini as a fellow revolutionary of the left.

The media invented the phrase "wave of the future" specifically for Mussolini's fascism. They heaped praise on his regime up to the first shot of the war in Europe. Nor did they give up on the idea after the war. Take away the Reichsadler and the EU is a near-perfect replica of the Third Reich's New Order, right down to the adoration of anti-semitic Islam.

And finally,

Well gang, the eclipse has come and gone, Trump has decided the misadventure in Afghanistan needs another decade, the silicon valley fascists at antifa are the up 'n coming media darlings, so all is going to plan. Let's get to yer ol' Woodpile Report for the latest accounting of progress.


1926. Hohlwein advertising posters


art-remus-ident-04.jpg Ludwig Hohlwein, 1874-1949, was a former architect turned poster artist. He is reputed to have worked from his initial drawing to the finished work with no missteps or corrections. Hohlwein's graphics were enormously popular with the public and, therefore, with ad agencies. Here we see ads for direct competitors. Treat yerself to more, here .

Hohlwein depicts the Adler typewriter as the thoroughly modern successor to the moleskine cahier. Document your soul, don't scribble it.


Hohlwein depicts the Klein typewriter as the laptop for the Masters Of Industry. Typesetting at the speed of imagination.


Remus's notebook


Miami Herald - Armed Venezuelan soldiers caught in Guyana begging for food ... had crossed into Guyana on a wooden raft and seemed genuinely hungry

Reuters - Venezuela mulls 'law against intolerance,' aimed at dissenters ... those who express "hate or intolerance" will be jailed for up to 25 years

National Interest - The U.S. Military Will Soon Have 5,000 MPH 'Bullets' ... [~7,300 fps] can be fired off at 20 rounds per minute from modified artillery already in operation

CraigsList 6 August - Crowds on Demand , Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte ... compensation: $25+/hour

Fighting juju one graven image at a time

Daily Caller - Jefferson Statue Smeared With ‘Blood’ At William & Mary ... the blood of all the people he owned on his hands

WSB Atlanta - Candidate for governor calls for removal of Stone Mountain carving ... the last vestiges of hatred and vitriol toward minority communities

CBS Chicago - Pastor Wants Presidents’ Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery

art-remus-ident-04.jpg New York takes its name from James Stuart, Duke of York and future king, whose business was the Royal African Company , a slave trading outfit. Your move, NY Times, et al.

Los Angeles Times - Hollywood Forever Cemetery removes Confederate monument after calls from activists and threats of vandalism ... taken away at night

The Hill - Baltimore removes four Confederate statues in the night ... the new night riders

Daily Wire - Leftist Activists Demand New York Museum Take Down Statue of ‘Racist’ Theodore Roosevelt ... another Black Lives Matter enterprise

Democratic Leader - Pelosi Calls for Removal of Confederate Statues From Capitol

Fox News - Gettysburg Stands Firm: Battlefield Says All Monuments Staying Put

Washington Times - Abraham Lincoln monument torched in Chicago: ‘An absolute disgraceful act’

Herald Sun - Vandals strike statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee at Duke University

Reuters - Duke University removes contentious Confederate statue after vandalism

art-remus-ident-04.jpg George Duke was a Confederate soldier and slave owner. His son endowed the University.

PJ Media - Vice Magazine Tweet Calls for Blowing Up Mount Rushmore ... "standing in front of it conjured feelings of both wonder and disgust" [ Vice changed header to "get rid of"]

NewsBusters - CNN’s Rye Calls for Washington, Jefferson Monuments to Come Down

Daily Caller - Council on American-Islamic Relations: Tear Down Every Confederate Memorial

Daily Caller - Panicked New York Set To Remove Subway Tiles That Vaguely Resemble Confederate Flags

Lifezette - Black Lives Matter Activists Float Criminalization of Confederate Imagery ... suggest total ban on Southern Civil War memorabilia even in private possession

Smithsonian - Statue of Roger B. Taney Removed From Maryland State House ... wrote the majority opinion in the infamous Dred Scott case

Daily Mail - Protesters demand removal of Central Park statue honoring 'father of modern gynecology' who conducted experiments on enslaved black women in the 1850s

Detroit Free Press - Dozens demonstrate in Detroit against white supremacy, Christopher Columbus

Baltimore Sun - Christopher Columbus monument vandalized in Baltimore

Washington examiner - Jefferson Memorial exhibit update will acknowledge slavery record

Daily Mail - University of Texas at Austin removes three Confederate-era statues from campus overnight ... symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism

CNN - Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson: Removing Confederate monuments a matter of 'public safety'

art-remus-ident-04.jpg It puzzles me why a small minority without much to recommend them would go out of their way to create more enemies. It seems an unwise strategy, success has an obvious end point.

CNN 2015 - ... ISIS, like so many iconoclastic extremist groups through history, seeks to destroy the record of the past. In the past week, video has circulated showing neatly dressed figures wielding rather new-looking sledgehammers and destroying archaeological objects in the Mosul Museum. The spectacle would be ridiculous and pathetic if it were not so tragic... there needs to be much greater awareness and protection of the past across society, in Iraq, in the United States and around the world, from the government to the public.

art-remus-ident-04.jpg Was CNN lying then or lying now?

Return of Kings - Swedish Museum Accelerates Their Cultural Collapse By Turning Viking Artifacts Into Scrap Metal ... whistleblower says curators of Stockholms Länsmuseum have been ordering the systematic destruction of newly found artifacts from the Iron Age and the Viking period

DC Clothesline - Student Kicked Out Of College Over Silent Protest At Confederate Monument

Big League Politics - Man Stabbed By Antifa Mob Outside His Home For Not Condemning ‘Nazis’ Hard Enough

Sovereign Man - Social Security requires a bailout that’s 60x greater than the 2008 emergency bank bailout

Daily Galaxy - A New Look At the 1977 WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 ... 75% chance we could find ET between 1,361 and 3,979 light-years away

Vintage News - The site in Rome where Julius Caesar was killed is now a stray cat-sanctuary

History Blog - Oldest surviving original picture of US President found ... John Quincy Adams taken in March of 1843

Ann Coulter - When Liberals Club People, It's With Love In Their Hearts

Market Ticker - The 'Hack' Narrative Collapses ... the DNC download was an inside job

Fox News - British lawmaker forced to resign after denouncing 'British Pakistani men raping white girls' ... in the wake of the convictions of 18 people who sexually abused women and girls as young as 15

art-remus-ident-04.jpg After she was forced to resign she made a groveling, stomach-turning apology for engaging in "hate speech". Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, &c., all for nothing.

WVIR Feb 12, 2017 - Charlottesville Mayor Holds Rally to Declare City Capital of Resistance

Daily Mail - Captain of USS Fitzgerald and his executive officer are removed from duty after deadly collision with a cargo ship

art-remus-ident-04.jpg No equipment malfunctions, calm seas, unlimited visibility. Time to bring back crow's nests and lookouts.

Commander US 7th Fleet - USS John S. McCain collides with merchant ship near Strait of Malacca **UPDATE 10:02 a.m. JST, Aug. 21, 2017 ... 10 missing, 5 injured

art-remus-ident-04.jpg And the hits just keep coming. In the future, the enemy will sneak up on our warships in huge, ponderous freighters that show up on radar like Everest.

Interpreter - North Korea's dangerously rudimentary nuclear command-and-control systems ... "use them or lose them" mentality

Breitbart - California Bill: 1 Year in Jail for Using Wrong Transgender Pronoun ... the usual endpoint of tolerance


Stuff you may want to think about
Synopsis with links


Poking the bear, Burning Platform - This Confederate monument narrative is designed by the left to provoke a backlash from whites who are tired of being scorned, ridiculed, belittled and called racists, rednecks and deplorables by so called open minded progressives. It’s working. The cold race war is beginning to turn hot. That’s how Fourth Turnings roll. The mood of the country will continue to darken. Reactions to these types of events will intensify. More blood will be shed. It’s too bad these functional illiterates didn’t pay attention in history class or ever read a book. They are going to learn some harsh lessons over the next decade.


Firefox rolls over, Activist Post - Mozilla, the non-profit organization which runs the Firefox internet browser, said Wednesday it was launching an effort against “fake news,” as fact-checking software backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and George Soros got its first run-out in public to shape our Orwellian nightmare of future truth arbiters. Putting the future of what we believe in anyone’s hands, let alone artificial intelligence, seems like a dangerously stupid idea that can only lead to a path paved toward Orwellian censorship the likes of which even George Orwell couldn’t have imagined.

art-remus-ident-04.jpg Fox News has been captured, Drudge, Cloudfare and Zero Hedge are knuckling under, now it's Firefox.


Half as good, City Journal - Liberals should ponder the implications of what we’ve learned to date about Harvard admissions. Blacks can score 400 points lower than Asians on the SAT, and almost as much less than whites, and still get admitted. In an earlier time, blacks were told that they must be “twice as good” as whites to get into school or make partner at a law firm; they are now being told that they need only be half as good. Why work hard when less effort will be rewarded in the same way? This logic means that those African-Americans whose work really is twice as good are nonetheless suspected of being subpar.


Charlottesville, Traditional Right - The leadership at Unite The Right and during the subsequent chain of events once the rally got started broke just about every rule of 4GW that could have been broken. Whether you like it or not, if you intend to get anywhere, you need the normies. So don’t scare them. The sclerotic, predictable strategies currently employed by the Alt-Right are not working anymore. The key is to develop more decentralised, more agile methodologies drawn from the principles of 4GW. Apply them intelligently in a way that maintains and keeps the leftist enemy always reacting while never able to act independently.


1939. Minneapolis Minnesota


art-remus-ident-04.jpg This is the "gateway district", the former commercial center of the city, a gateway because it was at the foot of the bridge over the Mississippi. The district was demolished for urban renewal in the 1950s.


The photographer has moved down the street, to the left, for this photo. Apparently there's some sort of attraction going on, oh I see, it's an antique car show.


More stuff you may want to think about
Synopsis with links


Flashback, Daily Caller - In July of 2016, an avowed black nationalist murdered five police officers during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dallas, Texas. The act of violence was well-planned and was motivated entirely by the hate-filled ideology of the shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson. One might think the Obama administration may have considered the assassinations domestic terror and launched an investigation into groups associated with this ideology. He blamed “powerful weapons” for the violence. Then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch exploited the tragedy to push for gun control and praise the cause of Black Lives Matter.


Racial peace, Unz Review - Admitting academically unqualified blacks to elite schools is, at core, a policy to protect the racial peace. It is this peace- keeping function that explains why the entire establishment, from mega corporations to the military, endorses constitutionally iffy racial discrimination and why questioning diversity’s benefits is the most grievous of all PC sins. What makes management imperative is the possibility of violence either at an individual level, for example, randomly stabbing total strangers, or on a larger scale, riots and insurrections. Better to have the handsomely paid Cornel West pontificating about white racism at Princeton than fulminating at some Ghetto street corner.


Emulating ISIS, Amerika - Leftists have the intent, the will, and the hatred to utterly smash your face for what they view as the hideous crime of ever existing. The Alt-Left has no problem with ISIS because this is ultimately what they are striving to emulate and become. ISIS, the destroyer of culture, decency and civility resembles what all major Leftist causes degenerate into by the end. This is why Socialism always leads to death. This is why anyone who wants to reason together with the Deray McKessons of the world will end up dying unmourned and unlamented as the barbaric and gibbering Leftist pseudo-sapiens idly desecrate his smoldering and mutilated mortal remains.


From the Nazi's mouth, Vox Popoli - A number of historically ignorant defenders of national socialism have tried to claim that it is not a left-wing socialist ideology. This is utterly and absolutely false, and can be easily and conclusively proven to be false in a number of ways, including by reading a number of direct quotes from Mr. Hitler himself. [Quotes follow in the essay] Note, in particular, that the ultimate goal is "international socialism". Being socialists, national socialists of any stripe can never legitimately claim to be Alt Right.


1937. Provincetown Massachusetts


art-remus-ident-04.jpg Cafes ... Beano ... a walk on the wild side.


Even more stuff you may want to think about
Synopsis with links


Nazis, Return Of Kings - The masculine right should have NO sympathy or comradeship with old Nazism or it’s featherweight modern interpretations whatsoever. Here on the masculine right we are not particularly big fans of violence and war. Countless lives lost, gorgeous buildings gone forever, and irreplaceable works of art gone missing means that Nazism is an affront to those who take pride in western civilization. The modern incarnation of Nazi’s, however incredibly small and non-threatening as they are, is just as bad as the violent SJW’s who are hell bent on taking down western civilization themselves.


Fish antibiotics, Smithsonian - Lacking the stamp of FDA approval, fish meds instead often sport claims that they are pharmaceutical or “USP grade,” a supposed quality benchmark set by an independent non-profit called the United States Pharmacopeia. The USP, however, is not a regulatory agency. Though it tests a small number of supplements through its "USP verified" program, it does not otherwise measure the purity or content of drugs for their purported contents. Companies are not able to guarantee—or even required to guarantee—what's actually in it, the purity of it, or the actual amount of it. It can be anything.


Extinction burst, Eaton Rapids Joe - What do you do, as the driver of a vehicle, when your motor starts to sputter and it loses power? Most likely you push on the gas pedal. All of your prior conditioning has been pushing harder on the gas pedal makes the vehicle go faster. What happens when the motor completely stops and you are not at your destination. We grow up conditioned to modulate input to control the amount of output. When the linkage between the input and the output weakens, we automatically double-down on the input. How much of the violence and chaos in the news is evidence of "Extinction Burst"?


Poor conquerers, PJ Media Richard Fernandez - Conflicts between two evenly matched forces start with attempts by each to win quick victory followed by a long period of disillusioning attrition. The Populist Uprising and the Elite Resistance may have had high hopes at the start of 2017 but they are now dissolving in the realization neither side will readily yield. The progressives still have an enormous power legacy but "like a cut flower in a vase" are in historical decline. The reason is simple. Their great states are broke. The big institutions have filled the world yet are still out of money. They're no longer the future.


1944. Austria


art-remus-ident-04.jpg A B-24 bomber takes a hit over Vienna. Austria was annexed into the Third Reich in 1938. At the end of World War II, Vienna was besieged and captured by the Red Army. The looting, rape and murder has been compared to the worst of the Thirty Years War. Occupied Vienna was the setting for the 1949 movie The Third Man. Austria regained its sovereignty in 1955.


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Notate Bene

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants and debt is the money of slaves.

. . . . .


If, before undertaking some action, you must obtain the permission of society—you are not free, whether such permission is granted to you or not. Only a slave acts on permission. A permission is not a right.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.
George Orwell, 1984

. . . . .


There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


The socialist ideal eventually goes viral, and the majority learns to game the system. Everyone is trying to live at the expense of everyone else. In the terminal phase, the failure of the system is disguised under a mountain of lies, hollow promises, and debts. When the stream of other people's money runs out, the system collapses.
Kevin Brekke

. . . . .


When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you … you may know that your society is doomed.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics ... It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.
Vaclav Havel

. . . . .


Injustice is relatively easy to bear; what stings is justice.
H. L. Mencken

. . . . .


We have reached a point of diminishing returns in our public life. Hardly anything actually needs doing. We may in fact be past that point; not only does nothing much need doing, but we'd benefit if much of what has been done were to be undone.
John Derbyshire

. . . . .


The hallmark of authoritarian systems is the creation of innumerable, indecipherable laws. Such systems make everyone an un-indicted felon and allow for the exercise of arbitrary government power via selective prosecution.
Ayn Rand

. . . . .


Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.
Thomas Jefferson

. . . . .


When you are fed, there are many problems. When you are hungry, there is one problem.
NoPension at Zero Hedge

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We have reached the stage where satire is prophecy.
Theodore Dalrymple

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