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Where the name came from

What's with the title Woodpile Report? Well, it's this way, from January of 2004 until mid-2007 it was emailed to a subscibers list. In that form it was titled the Woodpile Weather Report. A picture of ol' Remus's woodpile appeared at the top as both a weather report and, by documenting the progression from log pile to chunkwood to a split 'n stacked woodpile, a witness to the seasonal changes. It was the thin thread from which comments hung. As thrilling as all that was, the comments metastasized and took over. But the title remains.

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You're about to be lied to when they say-

a hand up
a new study shows
a poll by the highly respected
a positive step
are speaking out
at-risk communities
best practices
broader implications
climate change
commonsense solutions
comprehensive reform
cycle of poverty
cycle of violence
demand action
disparate impact
diverse backgrounds
economically disadvantaged
emerging consensus
experts agree
fair share
fiscal stimulus
fully funded
give back
giving voice to
greater diversity
growing support for
gun violence
have issues
high capacity magazine
history shows
impacted by
in denial
inclusive environment
investing in our future
linked to
making a difference
making bad choices
marriage equality
mean spirited
most vulnerable
mounting opposition to
non-partisan, non-profit
not value neutral
off our streets
on some level
oppressed minorities
our nation's children
people of color (sometimes, colour)
poised to
poor and minorities
positive outcome
public/private partnership
raising awareness
reaching out
reaffirm our commitment to
redouble our efforts
root cause
sends a message
shared values
social justice
solidarity with
speaking truth to power
statistics show
sustainable, sustainability
the American People
the bigger issue is
the failed ...
the larger question is
the more important question is
the reality is
the struggle for
too many
too often
touched by
underserved populations
undocumented immigrant
vibrant community
voicing concern
war on ...
working families

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You know what the media's saying by not saying it when they say -

at-risk students
low-income students
mob and rob
mobbing up
pack of teens
rival gang members
roving group
swarm mob
teen gang
teen mob
teen thugs
unruly crowd
urban youths
young people
young men
youth violence

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Tactics of the Left
Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have

Never go outside the experience of your people.

Whenever possible, go outside the experience of the enemy.

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon

A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

A tactic that drags on for too long becomes a drag.

Use different tactics and actions and use all events of the period.

The threat is more terrifying than the thing itself.

Maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside.

The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

. . . . .


Moscow Rules
via the International Spy Museum

Assume nothing.

Never go against your gut.

Everyone is potentially under opposition control.

Don't look back; you are never completely alone.

Go with the flow, blend in.

Vary your pattern and stay within your cover.

Lull them into a sense of complacency.

Don't harass the opposition.

Pick the time and place for action.

Keep your options open.

. . . . .


Rules of Disinformation
via Proparanoid

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Become incredulous and indignant

Create rumor mongers

Use a straw man

Sidetrack opponents with name calling, ridicule

Hit and Run

Question motives

Invoke authority

Play Dumb

Associate opponent charges with old news

Establish and rely upon fall-back positions

Enigmas have no solution

Alice in Wonderland Logic

Demand complete solutions

Fit the facts to alternate conclusions

Vanish evidence and witnesses

Change the subject

Emotionalize, antagonize, and goad

Ignore facts, demand impossible proofs

False evidence

Call a Grand Jury, Special Prosecutor

Manufacture a new truth

Create bigger distractions

Silence critics


Remus's antidote: tell the truth as plainly as you can. Humor helps.

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The Five Stages of Collapse
Dmitry Orlov

Financial Collapse. Faith in "business as usual" is lost.

Commercial Collapse. Faith that "the market shall provide" is lost.

Political Collapse. Faith that "the government will take care of you" is lost.

Social Collapse. Faith that "your people will take care of you" is lost.

Cultural Collapse. Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost.

. . . . .


The Psychology of Cyber Attacks
Robert Cialdini
via securityintelligence.com

Principle of Liking - people tend to form trust with those they’re attracted to, both physically and emotionally

Social Proof - People are motivated more by what others do than a perceived or even quantifiable benefit

Rule of Reciprocation - Humans feel a sense of obligatory quid pro quo

Commitment & Consistency - Most people stick with their original decisions despite information that supports changing their course

Principle of Authority - Authority, whether real or perceived, elicits obedience in many people

Principle of Scarcity - People want to be included in exclusive offers and often make poor choices under pressure

. . . . .


How to prosecute anybody

Look around for "suspicious" behavior, i.e., behavior on the part of a private citizen that can be made to appear suspicious

Ruthlessly probe every element of the "suspect's" life, using the effectively infinite resources of the State, until enough "suspicious" behavior has been amassed

Assemble a huge list of charges to place before a grand jury

Present the case in such a fashion as to promote the less plausible accusations and obscure the more plausible ones, thus securing a grab-bag indictment

Offer the indicted person a plea bargain that will spare him centuries in prison and complete pauperization at the bargain price of a few years and/or a few thousand dollars.

Francis Porretto

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Some interesting stuff from Remus's notebook, as long as you're here. No, Woodpile Report isn't being revived, just posting these copy-pastes as a convenience.

Europe wouldn’t be fussing about the boat people if they weren’t black and brown. To the degree that’s true, it speaks well of the Europeans’ good sense... Unless you have vast, fertile empty spaces that need cultivating, you shouldn’t be allowing mass settlement by anybody; but blacks and Muslims in quantity are particularly poisonous to social harmony. To permit mass settlement by blacks who are also Muslims is to pass beyond the bounds of mere folly into homicidal insanity.

Their crime? Bringing Christina Hoff Sommers to campus. Left-leaning student activists at Oberlin College hung posters at the Christina Hoff Sommers event earlier this week that identified the students involved in bringing the individualist-feminist and AEI scholar to campus. Each poster gave the name of a specific student-member of the Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians and accused that person of perpetuating rape culture.

The current relatively quiet seismic period – in which “far less” energy is being released in earthquakes than it is being stored from tectonic plate motions “cannot last forever,” said University of Southern California earth sciences professor James Dolan. The earthquake could spark a “super cycle,” meaning “a flurry of other Big Ones, as stresses related to the original San Andreas fault earthquake are redistributed on other faults throughout Southern California,” he said.

Why aluminum foil is shiny on only one side - The ingot is treated with heat (annealed), and then rolled between heavy rollers. This initial foil is sent through still more rollers, several times, until it reaches the desired thinness. For the type of foil that is bright on one side and matte on the other, it is so thin that during some of the last rollings, two sheets of the thin foil must be placed together lest they tear or crimp during the final rolling of the sheets. One consequence of this is that while the sides that touch the highly polished rollers are burnished to a bright finish, the inner sides that touch the other aluminum foil remain matte.

Two-party politics may be just a legacy from the industrial age. It’s not cast in stone. If the duopoly is broken, there is more political space for viewpoints out of the mainstream, and more general willingness to engage with them.

San Francisco's black population was 78,931 in 1990, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2010, it had declined to 50,768, a 35.7 percent decrease, comprising just 6.3 percent of The City's population of 805,235. The population of all other races increased during that same time frame.

Dan Fredinburg, a Google executive, was killed on Mount Everest in an avalanche triggered by the massive, 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked Nepal on Saturday.

Bill Gates decides to give away $10B to feed the poor in Africa. Does that create $10B worth of new basic necessities for them to consume? No, but it does redistribute the existing necessities to where he wants them to go. In fact, it does so by raising the price of necessities as the poor in Africa are able to bid some away from the rest of the world.


Lynch confirmation - Mitch McConnell and the other Progressive RINOs are responsible for destroying mainstream America’s faith in their government and the rule of law. Our contempt and disgust for those in DC is now complete. The last time out for a presidential election, millions of Republicans were so disillusioned that they stayed home rather than voting. Obama won a second term that way. It appears that the Republican Party is intent on losing the next presidential race as well. They obviously don’t give a flying crap about their base. Ask yourself this… would McConnell be doing anything differently if he were Obama’s insider in the Senate?

Wisconisn raids - There was no reason for a swarm of government agents to show up at a government employee’s house at 6:45 a.m., storm though the house yelling and screaming over a subpoena in a corruption probe. It’s difficult to believe they couldn’t have calmly handed her the subpoena and asked her respectfully to show them where her computers and other materials were. It’s intimidation, pure and simple. And needless to say there’s no reason to go raiding houses like you’re taking Fallujah.
http://www.salon.com/2015/04/23/the_national_reviews_police_state_hypocrisy_ferguson_protesters _deserved_it_but_scott_walker_probe_crosses_the_line/

In the investment markets, a man gets what he deserves. But in politics, he gets what his idiot neighbor deserves.

Thoughtful citizens wonder why billions are spent on one program and billions on another which may duplicate it or even nullify it, such as paying some farmers not to raise crops, while at the same time building dams or canals to irrigate more farm land. Crazy or stupid? Neither. The goal is more debt.

There’s a pervasive atmosphere of hostility and force escalation better suited to war zones than maintaining civilian order. The lines have been drawn in many police departments: it’s us vs. them. Trust in many departments has been utterly shattered within some communities because the police hold themselves to a different standard than they do the populace. Police commit brazen acts of brutality and get away with it, largely because they self-investigate and/or because the local District Attorney office is unwilling to press charges.

Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, and the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity.
Comment at http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/25/1000-black-baltimore-rioters-smash-police-cars-in-frenzied-protest/

Last week the first government bond ever with a negative yield was issued in Australia. Not many market watchers saw this coming, which underlines the seriousness of the problem. Negative interest rates change the rules of the game in the financial system, namely. Those who want to save money, have to pay money. Those who create debt, receive additional reward. It is the world upside down, but that is in fact what is happening... Who is going to save money then? Not a single soul, of course. People will start to create debt en masse, because it is the better and cheaper option. The resulting investments will rise in value, moreover, when an increasing amount of people take on debt in search for returns. Things cannot get a lot crazier than this... Governments are not moving a finger to turn things around; and why would they? They are on the side of the debt creators; the ones that are profiting enormously from this black hole.

Protest mars Baltimore street violence - Two people were hurt in the mayhem and at least a dozen were arrested. The problems happened near Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Orioles game against the Boston Red Sox went on as scheduled, only fans were told toward the end of the game to stay in the stadium because of public safety worries. Before the game, demonstrators fought with fans at a bar.

I'm having trouble connecting the mental dots that lead to taking revenge on the corrupt police by destroying 7 eleven.
Comment, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-25/baltimore-protests-erupt-mayor-asks-fans-stay-inside-ballpark-own-safety-live-feed

A Ruptly producer had their handbag stolen live on camera, after being surrounded by a group of youths, as they filmed a protest over the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Saturday. The producer gave chase to the suspected thief before police intervened.

NPR reported Minneapolis has over 30,000 Somalis brought over by both Bush and Barry. I bet it's a swell place to live nowadays. Used to be mostly Scandinavian. Back then, streets weren't safe to walk with those blond-haired, blue-eyes thugs around. I bet the diversity has made it a much safer place.
Comment, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-25/baltimore-protests-erupt-mayor-asks-fans-stay-inside-ballpark-own-safety-live-feed

Loretta Lynch confirmation - (Obama) is president today because, despite deep dissatisfaction with his tenure, millions of former Republican supporters were too vexed by the party’s insipidness to believe voting would make a difference. They stayed home. The GOP, it seems, is going to great lengths to convince them that they were right.

A judge for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries recommended a lesbian couple should receive $135,000 in damages for their emotional suffering after Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to make them a wedding cake. As a result - Aaron and Melissa Klein could lose everything they own — including their home.

Northern Europeans come by their Big Government honestly. One may deplore their enthusiasm for high taxes and cradle-to-grave welfare, but it's what they want, and it's delivered reasonably cleanly. In Southern Europe, it's all a bit grubbier, but it's not lethal - as it always potentially is in the only developed nation in which every tinpot bureaucracy can call up its own SWAT team.

Lois Lerner isn't punished for her blatant abuse of power because an attorney illegally took the power on himself to dismiss the case to protect the president from what Republicans might do with the case. Wisconsin prosecutors kicked doors down and confiscated materials, defied judicial orders, and investigated ordinary people for daring to belong to a political side they didn't like because the alternative meant their enemies might win. Women are said to be hired less in college and data that proves otherwise disregarded or attacked because of the fear this might lead to women being hired less... The enemy must be met and stopped even before they start, or horrific disaster will result. If the truth and even desired results must suffer in this effort, so be it, its better than the alternative. Or so they believe... its all based on the same kind of approach: loveless, humorless, inflexible certainty of one's position so much so that those who disagree are the depths of evil.

Maryland Dem: Baltimore rioters 'mainly from out of town' - Whether it was local blacks or out-of towners, we don't think about you. We don't dwell on your problems. We don't care about your frustrations. We can't be bothered to think up ways to oppress you because you oppress yourselves more than we ever could. We had nothing to do with what happened 2-4 hundred or even 60 years ago. Using that excuse to justify your conduct and your demands is pathetic. You vote for people who hate your guts and who design social programs to keep you dependent. You are too stupid to realize this because 'free,' public education has been deliberately compromised to keep you (and the majority of whites) stupid; that program has succeeded. But that doesn't change the fundamentals: we spent trillions on you people and things have only gotten worse; you have created more bastards than any other demographic so that you can get more money from the government; you are the most bigoted and most racist demographic in this nation; you traduce every man or woman who succeeds as being either an Uncle Tom or too-white; and, in your ignorance, you think we hate you. Some of us, no doubt, do; some for very justifiable reasons. Most of us cannot be bothered. We are completely indifferent. We have had enough of your limitless dependency and whining arrogance. Excuse us, we have our own problems ... most unfortunately, your demographic has contributed and continues to contribute to 'our problems' and that is the only reason speak to you at all. Now that I've given you the time of day, please, as the English say, "bugger off."
Comment, http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/240114-maryland-dem-baltimore-rioters-mainly-from-out-of-town

Greece - As the country’s finances reach a critical point, tax authorities have started seizing the deposits of small debtors, Kathimerini understands. No figures were available regarding the new crackdown but cases of debtors targeted included a citizen with a debt of just 200 euros... The initiative comes as efforts to crack down on rich Greeks with tax debts make slow progress.

Governments can do whatever they want until the citizens also learn how to do whatever they want.
Comment, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-26/capital-controls-arrive-greece-begins-confiscating-deposits-small-debtors

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told CNN the United States military has the capability to “shut down, set back and destroy” Iran’s nuclear program. The highly-publicized yet classified weapon Carter was referring to is the Massive Ordnance Penetrator — a behemoth, 30,000-pound bunker bomb introduced specifically to destroy Iran’s underground uranium enrichment facilities.

Muslims have now set up unofficial checkpoints in various parts of Marseilles. Anyone entering “their” area has to stop and submit to inspection... Muslims had attacked the port city in the 9th century capturing it and enslaving its native inhabitants. That which Muslims once took, their theologians insist is theirs in perpetuity. The Muslim return to Marseille is seen as a reconquista, a return to the land that was once theirs.

Nothing gets us excited anymore. We have our coping mechanisms in full on damage control mode and they run 24/7. Which is why waiting for bad news to act ( such as, finally leave the big city, or buying a more rational quantity of storage food ) is a losing strategy... we are inoculated to bad news. Don’t rely on bad news to motivate anymore. Allow logical analysis to guide you, and panic early because it makes sense. Let after-event panic be the forte of the unprepared masses.

Manufacturers create green tea by picking the leaves off the plant and then heating them immediately afterwards. This is commonly done by pan firing the leaves or steaming them. Sufficient heat stops the leaves from oxidizing, allowing them to maintain their green color. Leaves that are going to be used for black tea are allowed to ferment, or oxidize, completely. The general process here is to roll, tear, or crush the leaves to help along the oxidation process. The leaves are then dried out, sometimes in the Sun or otherwise using machines. As the leaves oxidize, they gradually turn from green to black.

Recent headlines quoted at http://libertyblitzkrieg.com -

Houston "Police Officer of the Year" Indicted For Trafficking Weapons For Los Zetas Drug Cartel

DEA Agents Caught Having Drug Cartel Funded Prostitute Sex Parties Received Slap on the Wrist; None Fired

TSA Agents Caught Gaming System so Male Screener Could Grope Attractive Passengers; No Criminal Charges Filed

FBI Lab Overstated Forensic Hair Matches in 95% of Cases, Including 32 Death Sentences

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Begins Purge of State Employee Emails

The U.S. Department of Justice Handles Banker Criminals Like Juvenile Offenders…Literally

Becker said his company went from "a worthless shell company overnight -- became this ...huge uranium mining deal." And then soon after that, Becker said, "Bill Clinton got a huge donation, $31 million from Frank Guistra to his charitable foundation, followed by a pledge to donate $100 million more" ... And the Russians acquired that target -- acquiring what would amount to 50 percent of projected uranium output by 2015. In other words, Russia now controls what was projected to be up to half of America's uranium.

Many in the Right have commented that the Uranium One scandal could sink the Clinton candidacy. Perhaps it could...but we have more than a year of campaigning for the nomination to endure, and 18 months before the final ballots are cast. The “old news / Republican attack machine” ploy might yet work for the Clintons.

The Clintons appear to have siphoned off tens of millions of dollars annually from funds the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has received from a United Nations-sponsored program that uses levies on airline tickets to help HIV/AIDs victims in the Third World, charges a Wall Street analyst... For the period from November 2006 to December 2013, Ortel has been able to account for $566 million that UNITAID sent the Clinton Foundation, tens of millions in excess of what the foundation declared. Ortel believes the extra funds were diverted to the personal use of the Clinton family

On one side, there’s an argument to be made that cash has become what John Maynard Keynes once called gold: a barbarous relic. It thwarts monetary policy and makes life easy for criminals and tax evaders: Seventy-eight percent of the value of American currency is in $100 bills. On the other side, if you’re afraid that central banks are in a war against savers, or that the government will try to control your financial affairs, cash is your best defense. Taking it away “is a prescription for revolution.”

Yellowstone's ultimate heat source reaches down 440 to 1,800 miles beneath Earth's surface -- and may come from its molten core... in 2003, ground temperatures rose high enough to dry out geysers and boil the sap in some trees. A few inches under the surface, thermometers recorded a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit -- hot enough to boil water.

John Birch Society, et al - I wondered if I had gone into a coma when I was 9 years old and had dreamed this entire life... There is another possibility other than all of this being my coma-dream. The possibility is that all the authors of those books were visionary and more rational than the entire American population. That would explain why nearly everything they predicted has come to pass.

In an atmosphere dominated by postmodern irony, pop-neuroscience, and the technocratic ethos of neoliberalism, the self is little more than a series of manipulable appearances, fashioned and re-fashioned to meet the marketing needs of the moment. We have bid adieu to existential inwardness. The reduction of the mind to software and the brain to a computer, which originated among cognitive scientists and philosophers of mind, has been popularized by journalists into the stuff of dinner-party conversations.

Opponents of certain other behaviors -- sex while drunk, sex that is regretted later, and possibly even speech that is hurtful to women -- have lumped these behaviors into the term "sexual assault" in order to try to increase the punishment for these things. In California (on campus but nowhere else) sexual assault is "a failure to obtain ongoing, enthusiastic, affirmative consent at each stage of a sexual encounter."

This two-day Islamist lobbying and political muscle flexing — dubbed "National Muslim Advocacy Day and Palestine Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill" — was organized by a radical Muslim Brotherhood umbrella group led by actual terrorism suspects. At least one of them already has been behind bars, another has been the subject of both FBI and National Security Agency investigations and the rest "should be in jail, not on Capitol Hill" freely roaming the halls of American power, asserted a veteran FBI agent.

Recently I watched an episode of Dual Survivor where Joe found some Fomes fomentarius (Horseshoe fungus), which by the time he was ready to start a fire with his flint and steel had miraculously turned into dried Inonotus obliquus (Chaga). Not to mention that the “preparation” of the fungus was that for Chaga, not for Horseshoe fungus. Intentional deception at its finest, and extremely dangerous.

Hillary Clinton - I would also work to reinstate the assault weapons ban. We now have, once again, police deaths going up around the country, and in large measure, because bad guys now have assault weapons again. We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a view point that terrorizes the majority of people. I don’t think any parent — any person — should have to fear about their child going to school or going to college because someone, for whatever reason — psychological, emotional, political, whatever it means — could possibly enter that school property with an automatic weapon and murder innocent children, students, teachers.

Here’s a breakdown of the Comex’s most recent silver deliveries to JP Morgan:

April 7th: 1,110,000 ounces

April 8th: 1,280,000 ounces

April 9th: 893,037 ounces

April 10th: 1,200,224 ounces

April 14th: 1,073,000 ounces

April 15th: 1,191,275 ounces

April 16th: 1,183,777.295 ounces

We already know Pluto isn’t entirely alone. In the mid-2000s four more distant worlds were discovered. One, Eris, is within a few kilometres of Pluto’s size. Three others – Makemake, Haumea and Sedna – are 40% to 60% the size of Pluto. All are in a distant region of the Solar System known as the Kuiper Belt... “It’s mind-boggling to think of the Solar System that way, but that is what the data is telling us,” he said. “We might even find Mars and Earth-sized things.”

Three minute video - A slow motion landslide in eastern Russia gradually swallowing up a road and railway, knocking down trees and power lines, and dragging heavy equipment.

40 second video - Virtually fly through one of Hubble's magnificent spacescapes in 3D.

Building a survival rifle is a project with merit for several reasons. If you already own a youth single-shot that your kids have outgrown, then the most expensive component is already paid for. If you are starting from scratch, these little rifles are easy to find and inexpensive to buy... After looking over the available options, a Savage Arms Rascal bolt action was selected to serve as the base gun... the Rascal weighs just 2.95 lbs., so the addition of a pound or two of survival gear will not make it a burden to carry.

On Thursday, Clinton's motorcade left the SpringHill Suites for Main Street Cafe, where she met privately with party leaders for about an hour and a half. Pottawattamie County Democratic Chairwoman Linda Nelson said the meeting was so private that everyone invited was asked to hand over their cellphones and cameras before taking part.

Over the last three days, we have reported that some of the most important investment voices in the world are more than a little scared about the ravenous appetite for risk playing out in the market, and the fact that they have been ignored is beyond unnerving. Central banks are driving all investment decisions, and what this implies is that they are in this trade so deeply that there is no obvious or practical exit.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt - Google policy is to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it. I would argue that implanting things in your brain is beyond the creepy line, at least for the moment until the technology gets better. We don’t need you to type at all because we know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less guess what you’re thinking about. Is that over the line?

To find everything they’ve ever searched for, users should go to Google Web History, click the gear icon and click “Download.”

There is no end to the government’s unmitigated gall in riding roughshod over the rights of the citizenry, whether in matters of excessive police powers, militarized police, domestic training drills, SWAT team raids, surveillance, property rights, overcriminalization, roadside strip searches, profit-driven fines and prison sentences, etc. ... If you haven’t managed to read the writing on the wall yet, the war has begun.

When I first came down here I admit I was a bit prejudiced toward the migrant workers, lined up in the grocery store to buy a bag of fried chicken and a six pack to have on the shuttle bus back across the border. Then I laid hundreds of feet of 2" PVC for computer communications, had to bury it 18" and a dinky little Ditch Witch to help; I erected a few service masts and so forth ... you see the punchline don't you? My attitude changed for these migrant workers out there all day picking chiles, cotton, melons, onions, and other truck farm veggies all day every day hunnert degrees and wind and scorpions and caustic all over their hands they don't even wipe the sweat or they'll go blind. Sigh, learned a huge lesson in giving respect where it is earned.

Electing Obama was supposed to usher in the perfect era of race relations. Instead, things are worse. Sensible people would look at this experiment and suspect the prophesies may not have been right. To the true believers, the response is to become even more fanatical. It’s tempting to think that the futile search for the chocolate savior will eventually be overwhelmed by reality. Charles Murray has argued that this impulse will turn 180 degrees and in a generation Progressives will be embracing tribalism.

If instead of drugs like warfarin, dabigatran, levofloxacin, carboplatin, and lisinopril (the five leading killers in the FDA database), the 100,000 deaths per year were led by gingko, ginseng, vitamin D, niacin, and raw milk, what do you think would happen? I’ll tell you what would happen. SEALS, Delta Force, DHS-HSI SRT, SWAT teams, snipers, predator drones, tanks, and infantry would be attacking every health-food store in America.

As of March, Chase began restricting the use of cash in selected markets, including Greater Cleveland. The new policy restricts borrowers from using cash to make payments on credit cards, mortgages, equity lines, and auto loans. Chase even goes as far as to prohibit the storage of cash in its safe deposit boxes.

One minute video - Deputy Marshall assaults woman recording an arrest, takes her phone, smashes same.

While Federal firings are nearly impossible, Federal hiring is no longer anchored to reality -- it is no longer competitive. Ask the experts. According to one recent report, “President Obama’s removal of the essay portion of the [Federal] job application … has people applying for jobs indiscriminately, leaving civil service bosses with little ability to judge” ... “references” are seldom sought in Federal hiring, opening up huge gaps in competence and reliability. And after one year, the general inoculation from firing kicks in.

The flood of books and movies about the Nazi era ... stems not from an appetite for cheap sensational evil, but from the sneaking suspicion that, if we had been placed under such inhuman pressures, such unheard-of temptations, we would have learned something deeply unfortunate about ourselves. We strongly suspect that, had we been put in a concentration camp—let’s say as a kapo, a victim forced to play the role of perpetrator—we would have failed any moral test you could think of.

Only four of the women even made it through the first day's combat endurance test - which is pretty discouraging when one considers that some wars take even more than a day to fight... those damn sexist Marines will have to prove that their long-established standards of physical excellence and endurance are actually more than simple misogyny. After all, who's to say that it's better to be able to carry a wounded comrade to safety rather than just having a good cry?

Michelle's cafeteria menus - The school lunch program is increasing costs and decreasing desired results, while literally dumping our tax dollars into the garbage. Pretty much like every other policy coming out of this administration.

No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimetre nearer. From the point of view of the Low, no historic change has ever meant much more than a change in the name of their masters.
George Orwell 1984 via http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/2015/04/creeping-totalitarianism-part-2-present.html

We have two different sets of laws, one for the little people and one for liberals like Lois Lerner, Al Sharpton and Hillary Clinton, who can blatantly commit federal crimes and walk away scot free and smirking... It’s an establishment that inflicts an ever-increasing series of petty humiliations on its opponents and considers this all hilarious.

The soldiers teetered down the road in complete uniform except their shoes. Those were red high heels. The Army ROTC program at Temple University in Philadelphia participated in the college’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event, where men squeezed into high heels and tottered a mile to raise awareness of sexual assault against women... “Attendance is mandatory and if we miss it we get a negative counseling and a ‘does not support the battalion sharp/EO mission’ ... So I just spent $16 on a pair of high heels that I have to spray paint red later on only to throw them in the trash after about 300 of us embarrass the U.S. Army tomorrow.”

One can nearly always tell the quality of the ingredients by how much the product needs to be fortified.
How real justice, rather than social justice, works is not that complicated: Cartoonists shouldn’t be slaughtered and adolescent girls shouldn’t be gang raped. Why not? Because murder and rape are wrong. We don’t need to debate whether the criminals are more or less privileged than their victims. It’s irrelevant.

Hillary - 1. Deny: Salient questions are dodged, and evidence goes missing. The stone wall is built.
2. Deflect: Blame is shifted, usually to Republicans and the media.
3. Demean: People who question or criticize the Clintons get tarred as right-wing extremists, hacks, nuts, or sluts.

Diversity self-parody - The University of London, Goldsmiths, is holding a racially and gender segregated event today, all in the sacred name of diversity...“This meeting is for all self-defining BLACK and ETHNIC MINORITY women and non-binary people with gender identities that include ‘woman,’” reads the event header on Facebook... if you’ve been invited and you’re a man and/ or white PLEASE DON’T COME just cos i invited a bunch of people and hope you will be responsible enough to respect this is a BME Women and non-binary event only…When asked if white and male members of the university could attend, she repeatedly confirmed it was segregated.

The European Union should stop treating migrants as criminals, and border control as warfare. It must dismantle Fortress Europe, liberalize immigration policy and open up legal routes for migrants. Some argue this would lead to a flood of immigrants, but current policy is not preventing people from migrating; it is simply killing them, by the boatload.

No one really likes Hillary. Ask Bill. Like Toni Morrison novels, most people just pretend to like Hillary just so liberals will leave them alone. She's a bore. She has the warmth of an Arctic ice floe. She hates people, and they hate her. She makes children cry and puppies shy away from her. Nobody wants to watch her wallow around in those neon pantsuits for the next five years. But no Democrat dares state the obvious.

A Rocket Stove Made From a Five Gallon Metal Bucket

Daryl Grisgraber, Refugees International "It's Europe's fault" - Even if rescue were shown to be a measurable pull, it is surely a moral failure unworthy of Europe to let some migrants drown in order to deter others. It's a bit of a bizarre analysis, because the fact is that migrants are going to keep migrating no matter how dangerous and difficult it is... Basically, to make it illegal to show up at a border and try to seek either protection or a better life is clearly backfiring, and that's why we're having people die at sea.

On campuses across the country, hostility toward unpopular ideas has become so irrational that many students, and some faculty members, now openly oppose freedom of speech. The hypersensitive consider the mere discussion of the topic of censorship to be potentially traumatic. Those who try to protect academic freedom and the ability of the academy to discuss the world as it is are swimming against the current. In such an atmosphere, liberal-arts education can’t survive... This is how bad censorship is getting: Discussions of what can’t be said come with a ‘trigger warning.’

If all else fails, I will retreat up the valley of Virginia to plant my flag on the Blue Ridge, and rally around the Scotch-Irish of that region, and make my last stand for liberty amongst a people who will never submit to tyranny whilst there is a man left to draw a trigger.
George Washington

I have been postulating since mid-December that the strange volatility we’ve been experiencing in the markets – combined with the most intensive effort I’ve ever seen by the Plunge Protection Team to prop up the stock market and keep a manipulative cap on gold – is occurring because there’s is a massive derivatives melt-down going on behind the scenes. The volatility reflects the turmoil and the market intervention in stocks and precious metals reflects the effort to keep the problem covered up.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is disarming America’s veterans by getting them placed on the FBI’s criminal background-check list. The VA sends veterans’ personal medical and financial information directly to the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which can seize their guns in home raids... it all starts when vets go to the VA to get medical help.

The cause of obesity is a bad diet rather than a lack of exercise, according to a group of international experts. In an article discussing whether food, sedentary lifestyles or a combination of the two are responsible for the rapidly growing obesity epidemic, doctors said the obesity crisis had almost nothing to do with the amount of exercise we take part in... In the past 30 years, as obesity has rocketed, there has been little change in physical activity levels in the Western population. This places the blame for our expanding waistlines directly on the type and amount of calories consumed.

Blowing a bigger bubble to try to rescue the prior one is the legacy of the last 30 years. Trying to spread it thinner and further so as to make it "better" is also part of that legacy. The problem is that it may be spread further, but it is never thinner; as such the destruction when the subsequent bubble bursts is always larger! In this case the spreading is global and the damage will be cataclysmic. The only debate we have left is exactly when it hits.

We’re taught growing up that ‘We the People’ have the power to affect radical change in the voting booth. But this is another fairy tale. Voting only changes the players. It doesn’t change the game.

H.L. Mencken's epitath - If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner and wink your eye at some homely girl.

I believe it is now Congress's job to limit the damage this traitor can do to this Republic in his final months in office. He should be free to golf and fly all he wants to on Air Force One. Nothing else. No one offered up by the White House should be confirmed for anything, indeed anyone nominated by the White House, by definition, is unqualified for the post for which they are being nominated.
Comment, http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/04/the_loretta_lynch_race_game_comments.html

Police officers who are supposed to “protect and serve” are often more interested in confiscating citizens’ money and property without due process via the absurd concept of civil asset forfeiture. When they’re not doing this, they are often seen pounding on American citizens just for kicks... Prosecutors, the FBI and even judges are often more interested in putting people behind bars and advancing their careers than they are in the concept of truth and justice. When you take all of this together you have a breakdown in trust, decency and pretty soon society itself gets flushed down the toilet.

Most biomolecules are quantum critical conductors; their electronic properties are precisely tuned to the transition point between a metal and an insulator. In other words, biomolecules belong to an entirely new class of conductor that is not bound by the ordinary rules of electron transport, a discovery that has profound implications for our understanding of the nature of life and its origin.

Now that the left has gotten its way in America, crushing its enemies, inflicting everything from socialized medicine to mandatory gay marriages on the masses, the excitement is gone. Even pro-criminal policies, the straw that once broke the left’s electoral back, have been accepted by Republicans... What’s left except trying to sell Hillary Clinton as the exciting face of the future, a task that even the left seems to lack the stomach for. The excitement died once Obama took over. Suddenly those inspiring speeches no longer inspired.

Solar - How do you get the power when the sun is not out? Well that's easy -- you have to have standby capacity ready to go. This means you must have a fossil-fuel plant ready to run for the case where there's no solar available. And that, my friends, is a problem because the capital cost has to be absorbed. When running the numbers you must account for this, but the "renewable" people never do.

The Discontinuity I have described for you many times is really simple: When companies are making only a few percent profit in a zero percent interest rate environment, they become infinitely valued by stock markets. Look around you: This is the bubble we are in.

Anytime you hear Obama say, “let me be clear” or a politician say “comprehensive solution”, just know what’s about to follow is malarkey. As Thomas Sowell said, “People who pride themselves on their ‘complexity’ and deride others for being ‘simplistic’ should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.”

A new poll has discovered a huge shift in public opinion to backing Second Amendment gun rights and away from controlling gun ownership. The reason: Americans now believe having a gun is the best way to protect against crime, 63 percent to 30 percent.

John Hinckley, Jr., the man who shot and nearly killed President Ronald Reagan in 1981, now spends most of the year living in a big house full of windows in a gated community... The gorgeous, sprawling resort, boasts two championship golf courses, a pampering spa, four restaurants and a huge pool complete with a lazy river... In his ample leisure time, Hinckley, now 59, enjoys many hobbies, including painting, playing guitar and contemplative walks. He drives a Toyota around town. He eats at Wendy’s.

Public school officials in South Bend, Ind. are segregating elementary schools students by race and ferrying black students — and only black students — on visits to local colleges... Instances in taxpayer-funded public schools which involve purposeful segregation of black students — directed by adult employees — are becoming increasingly common. In February, for example, the only black teacher at Benicia Middle School in Benicia, Calif. organized a special, unsanctioned, blacks-only assembly during school hours... Also in February, Oak Park and River Forest High School in the suburbs of Chicago hosted a “Black Lives Matter” event exclusively for black students.

Oberlin has supplied teachers with a trigger-warning guide, advising them to consider not assigning works that could spark upset because of their “racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, and other issues of privilege and oppression.” ... we are back in the days when ladies fainted at the mention of the legs of pianos, which had to wear skirts for decency.

Are we at last brought to such an humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense? Where is the difference between having our arms under our own possession and under our own direction, and having them under the management of Congress?
Patrick Henry, 3 Elliot, Debates at 386

Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the nation’s top military officer, laid down an edict on the Obama administration’s plan to open direct land combat jobs to women: If women cannot meet a standard, senior commanders better have a good reason why it should not be lowered... The Marine Corps just finished research to see if female officers could successfully complete its rigorous Infantry Officer Course... Of 29 women who tried, none graduated; only four made it through the first day’s combat endurance test... In the last Marine IOC class, nine of 90 male candidates failed to finish... Brig. Gen. George Smith, who is overseeing the Corps’ women-in-combat integration process, told “60 Minutes” that the Corps sees no reason to lower the standards. “The realities of combat aren’t going to change based on gender,” he said.

We read today about income inequality, the growing gap between rich and poor, and wage stagnation. Did $11 trillion in trade deficits since Bush I have anything to do with this? Or do we think that the 55,000 factories and 5-6 million manufacturing jobs that went missing in the first decade of this new century had no connection to those huge trade deficits?

Officials at Mitchell Primary School are apologizing after a book about a transgender child was read to most of the school’s K-3 students... The mother said she tried to approach school officials about her concerns but was given the cold shoulder. “When I spoke with the principal he was very cold about it,” she said. “It’s amazing how thoughtless the school has been with this whole thing.”

The federal criminal code includes over 4,500 laws and counting, not to mention government regulations for which there are criminal penalties. The list of federal crimes is so long, so broad and so vague that you and I likely commit three felonies every day, unwittingly breaking numerous federal laws as we go about our daily business. No wonder America's prison population is out of control. Americans aren't addicted to crime; our politicians are addicted to criminalizing things.

Speaking in Iowa Wednesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that all her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, a story that conflicts with public census and other records related to her maternal and paternal grandparents. The story of her grandmother specifically immigrating is one Clinton has told before. Clinton’s sole foreign-born grandparent, Hugh Rodham Sr., immigrated as a child... All of the Clinton’s grandparents were born in the United States, “with the exception of Hugh,” Megan Smolenyak, the article’s researcher said.

Although federal agencies are increasingly hiding their purchases by limiting public information on fbo.gov, it can still be conservatively estimated from available data that the feds have purchased at least 2.11 billion rounds of ammunition since April 2012... That’s enough ammo to kill around 30% of the world’s population... U.S. soldiers were shooting around 5.5 million rounds of ammunition per month during the war in Iraq, or 66 million rounds annually. Using that figure, the feds have stockpiled enough ammo over the past two years to fight a 32-year war.

Philadelphia - A disgraced ex-police officer testifying against his drug squad colleagues acknowledged Tuesday that he stole drug money, planted evidence and lied on police paperwork too many times to count... some of the drug dealers who have testified at the six-week police corruption trial that the squad stole as much as $110,000 at a time during violent, no-warrant raids. Lead defendant Thomas Liciardello always got a cut of the stolen money, while the others split "jobs" that they worked, Walker said. The city's police brass often celebrated the squad's work with splashy news conferences to announce large seizures.

The NRA announced Grover Norquist’s re-election to the NRA Board of Directors on April 11 — but on Tuesday, the organization confirmed that Norquist has “voluntarily suspended” himself from NRA board activities... allegations were leveled by Glenn Beck and Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney, both of whom charged Norquist has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other dangerous Islamic factions.

Chief Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs who sports a long beard and kippah laments, “Forty years ago when I came to Holland it never ever happened that someone would call me in the street a dirty Jew or curse me because I am visibly Jewish”; now it is a regular occurrence. Just down the street from Anne Frank House many young Muslim students refuse to sit through lessons about the Shoah, they mock Anne Frank and even spout on national TV—“Hitler should have finished the job!” Last summer, the streets of Berlin and Frankfurt echoed those sentiments at pro-Hamas rallies with chants of “Hitler was right” and “All Jews to the Gas.” Despite the strongest anti-hate laws in Europe, German authorities took no action.

The New York Times' Charles Blow wrote a column on the Columbia Journalism Review report, suggesting that although this "one particular case" of a fraternity gang rape had been "shown to have flaws," the "overall condition that it illustrated holds true." ... If the overall condition is true, I have a top-shelf idea for liberals: Next time, you guys should produce one of the real cases. I think it would make your argument stronger.
In another six months, the Times will pretend to have missed the entire CJR report and go back to citing the UVA fraternity gang rape as proof that we are in the midst of a college rape epidemic.

Last year, there were zero orders placed by commercial airlines for new Boeing 747s or Airbus A380s, reflecting a fundamental shift in the industry toward smaller, twin-engine planes.

Responding to Judicial Watch’s report earlier this week of ISIS activity along the Mexican border, Federal Bureau of Investigation supervisors called a “special” meeting at the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juárez. A high-level intelligence source, who must remain anonymous for safety reasons, confirmed that the meeting was convened specifically to address a press strategy to deny Judicial Watch’s accurate reporting and identify who is providing information to JW. FBI supervisory personnel met with Mexican Army officers and Mexican Federal Police officials, according to JW’s intelligence source. The FBI liaison officers regularly assigned to Mexico were not present at the meeting and conspicuously absent were representatives from the Department of Homeland Security.

Police in Sicily reported that Muslim migrants had thrown 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya, and aid groups said another 41 were feared drowned in a separate incident. Palermo police said they had detained 15 people suspected in the high seas assault, which they learned of while interviewing tearful survivors from Nigeria and Ghana who had arrived in Palermo Wednesday morning after being rescued at sea.

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents were caught having sex parties with prostitutes hired by drug cartels... Well we now have access to an internal DEA report on the incident, and find out that, unsurprisingly, the agents involved received barely a slap on the wrist. Moreover, it appears some of the women hired for these parties may have been teenagers... It’s always nice to know that the drug cartels didn’t have to foot the bill for these parties every time. The sucker American taxpayer also helped fund the orgies. "In one instance, money to pay prostitutes at a farewell party for a high-ranking DEA official was included in an “operational budget” that used government funds for the party, the report said... 14 years of this and nobody thought to stop it. Typical out of control bureaucracy with zero accountability... If you can't fire DEA agents for attending sex parties paid for by drug cartels, what can you fire them for? ... This is what you get when government agents can repeatedly act like criminals and get away with it.

Wal-Mart closings - These "Superstores" are really just big warehouses, with very good bulk unloading facilities to boot. It would take very little time to rearrange the interiors for other storage purposes; they have pretty good IT infrastructure, and other facilities (cold-room storage) that might be of real value to the Military should things become interesting. I would not expect military "deliveries" to be recognisable as such - plenty of contract shippers who can be used for "not-so-obvious" shipment, and the loading bays can easily be placed off-limits using existing OH&S legislation - no need for anything even remotely draconian... Even the construction particularly lends itself to immunity from prying eyes - sheet steel, with underlying thermal insulation, so heat signatures are diffused / diluted.
Parrotile, comment 6001443, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-16/signs-elites-are-feverishly-preparing-something-big

Wal-Mart closings - Local officials and employees have questioned Wal-Mart's reasoning for the closures. According to ABC News, "no plumbing permits have been pulled in any of the five cities where the stores were suddenly closed for at least six months." The cities where locations were closed include: Brandon, Florida; Pico Rivera, California; Livingston, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma... Wal-Mart plumbing technician Codi Bauer, who worked at the now shuttered store in Brandon, Florida, questioned the company's time frame for the repairs. "Even if they had to replace the whole sewer line, it wouldn't take six months to replace a whole sewer line in that store," he told WFLA.

Wal-Mart closings - The so-called plumbing issues give them the pretext to bring in heavy machinery without having to explain the specific reasons for doing so with an overly curious public. But what would this heavy machinery be for? According to one theory, Walmart is working in conjunction with DHS to expand the government’s underground tunneling system and is integrating it with a larger national emergency response network designed to move supplies and people during a crisis.

As of June 1, 2012, 99.3% of all names reported to the NICS list’s ‘mental defective’ category were provided by the Veterans Administration (VA) even though reporting requirements apply to all federal agencies. VA reports individuals to the gun ban list if an individual merely needs financial assistance managing VA benefits... Although the VA process is not designed to regulate firearm ownership, it results in veterans and their loved ones being barred from exercising their fundamental, Constitutionally-guaranteed Second Amendment rights.

On Friday in New Hampshire, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said giving illegal immigrants a pathway to “earned legal status” is a “rational, thoughtful” way to deal with illegal immigrants in the country. Speaking at the Politics and Eggs breakfast, Bush, who said last year that illegal immigration is an “act of love,” proposed giving illegal immigrants provisional work permits after they pay taxes and fines and granting them legal status that they can “earn over an extended period of time.”

Literally every elitist and his drunken uncle now publicly discuss the danger of another market crash. That’s a rather stark reversal from a few years ago when recovery was a mainstream absolute, Bernanke was being called a hero, and fiat stimulus was the fountain of youth. How would they know that such an event is coming? ... I would like to point out, though, that banker warnings of volatility and crisis are generally given far too late for average people to act accordingly. I would also like to point out that the rising chorus of mainstream voices giving predictions of destabilization are also marginalizing and isolating the U.S. and the Federal Reserve as the root cause. The U.S. is nothing more than a storefront for elitist activities. And the Federal Reserve is a tentacle that can be sacrificed if it means achieving total centralization.

The term "usury" changed its meaning in the last 100 years. It used to mean "interest". Now it means "excessive interest". All usury laws today have to do with an upper limit on interest rates. Age-old usury laws prohibited interest entirely. When usury laws were repealed in 1981, they were simply making way for Volcker's 18% official interest rate, which ran credit card rates up to 40% and higher. These rates were previously called "loan sharking" and were completely illegal.

Around half of people don’t know the make or model they’re going to buy when they arrive at the dealership.

I personally sold out most of my silver in the high $30′s. As far as a reentry, I’m looking at the low teens. If and when that price point is realized, I believe we will be in a “back up the truck” moment. The extremes in markets that I like to talk about are starting to develop, and this is when the real money is always made.

The idea of “elastic money” was to increase the supply of cash during such a crisis to meet the demand for withdrawals and that would offset the need to sell assets by calling in long-term debts. By increasing the money supply on a temporary basis, the Fed could offset the contraction in theory smoothing out the business cycle... Each branch of the Fed could raise or lower their local interest rate autonomously to attract capital when there was a local shortage or deflect capital when there was too much. This would often take place with the crop cycle, as money would flow in to pay the farmers upon delivery.

ZQI Ammunition Factory Tour

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute - According to the course, the Bible has “quotes” which can be interpreted as sexist by readers. The Declaration of Independence is also an historical cause of sexism, as the document refers only to “all men” — not “men and women.” And the Constitution, the Pentagon argues, is an historical source of sexism because “slaves and women were not included until later in history.”

I always get a laugh when the media refers to a black man in Jamaica or Britain as South Africa as "African American".

A middle school teacher is recovering in hospital in New York after being viciously assaulted by one of her student's mothers [photo: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/17/04/27A6120A00000578-0-image-a-81_1429242297845.jpg] and the woman's 14-year-old niece. The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon at Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School in Hempstead.Authorities say the teacher was shoved against the wall, placed in a headlock and thrown to the floor. Several students also became involved in the attack, including McKenzie's 14-year-old niece. Another teacher was able to break up the melee and attend to Engelhardt. She was unconscious for several minutes and rushed to Winthrop University Hospital.

Linguistic taboos, bad enough in themselves, are an entering wedge for other sorts of controls. When the taboo crosses from being cause for castigation to being a justification for punishment, genuine censorship has arrived. Does anyone doubt that this is the next stop on the Left’s crusade? But equally, does anyone doubt that a backlash is building and that the eventual rebellion will be horrible? ... the probability of a horrifying result increases with every word or phrase that’s deemed unspeakable, and every thought that’s deemed beyond the pale.

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith - There are 13 other agencies involved in climate change research, but only one that is responsible for space exploration. The administration continues to starve NASA’s exploration programs to fund a partisan environmental agenda. NASA simply deserves better.

Earth has been cooling for about 65 million years (ma) and has experienced a series of some 20 glaciations for the most recent 2-3 ma. Ice-core data indicate a typical duration for each glaciation of 41,000 and then 100,000 years – with a gradual onset, but with a sudden termination into a warm Interglacial period of typical duration of 10,000 years. Our present Interglacial, the Holocene period, has now lasted over 11,000 years and may soon end, making way for the next ice age.

You can abolish democracy by banning the vote or you can do it by letting people vote as many times as they want, by letting small children and foreigners vote, until no one sees the point in counting the votes or taking the process seriously. The same goes for marriage or any other institution. You can destroy it by outlawing it or by eliminating its meaningfulness until it becomes so open that it is absurd.

Safe Space University: the most safest, bestest college in the U.S.

Boston Boming - The FSB never tried to tip off the FBI about these guys. The FSB actually requested information from the FBI and the CIA but they failed to provide the reasons for their information requests so the intelligence cooperation went nowhere. Then, after the bombing happened, everybody started to say it’s all about warnings and intelligence sharing.

The United States can no longer afford to maintain its road system. State and county road maintenance budgets have been cut so far that in a lot of western states now, entire sections of the road system are being allowed to return to gravel because nobody can afford to keep them up. Our national bridges are a disgrace. They are falling down. What happened? We could afford to maintain our bridges up until a certain point. What happened? Nobody wants to talk about that. America is in decline.

Seattle Public Schools definition of Cultural Racism: Those aspects of society that overtly and covertly attribute value and normality to white people and Whiteness, and devalue, stereotype, and label people of color as “other”, different, less than, or render them invisible. Examples of these norms include defining white skin tones as nude or flesh colored, having a future time orientation, emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology, defining one form of English as standard.

Because it operates as part of a monopoly, the police department can’t go out of business, and it treats customer dissatisfaction as an “officer safety” issue rather than a reason to improve its job performance.

Financialization results when leverage and information asymmetry replace innovation and productive investment as the source of wealth creation... After financialization kicked in, the income of the Oligarchy/Financial Aristocracy quadrupled, as their share of the nation's income soared from 2.6% to 10.4%... Everyone else--the bottom 90%--lost ground. This is not coincidence or just bad luck--it is the direct consequence of financial games becoming far more lucrative than actual productive work.

At some deep level I don’t believe it will matter who wins. The country’s problems aren’t due to the sins of one party or the other. They stem from pervasive hyper-politicization: the premise that any and every aspect of life and society should be subject to political control. My great fear is that that premise has sunk too deeply into the minds of too many persons for it to be undone by anything short of bloodshed. I’ve never before wanted quite so desperately to be wrong about something. But I don’t think I am.

The truth is the American citizen has no way to bestow her will on the political process any longer. Slowly and methodically over the past 100 years we the people have been relegated to just a logistical function in the political process i.e. we are the coin in the coin toss.. heads Dems or tails Repubs. The insider circle continues to get smaller and smaller... we the people have slowly been pushed out of our own system of self governance.This is a sign of the absolute abuse of power that leads to resource misallocations throughout the entirety of our society... Simply put, the wax world we have created is beginning to melt down.

Massachusetts - Google, Facebook, and YouTube hadn’t been founded when the Legislature originally approved $75 million in bond money to build a new computer system for the state’s courts in 1996... The new system, called MassCourts, is intended to link more than 100 courthouses across the Commonwealth, for the first time allowing court officials to look up information about cases anywhere in the state... while the federal government and more than a dozen states let the public view at least some court documents online, MassCourts does not yet have that capability. Spence said it is something the court hopes to eventually work on once it completes the MassCourts rollout.

Longer Version of Marana police video shows cruiser ram crime spree suspect

Colorado is the first of six states to back out of the exercise. Colorado now claims the troops that were to participate are no longer available... Several militias and patriots now monitoring the JH 15 exercise think this move by Colorado is even more proof the government is not being forthright with the people... The name Jade Helm (blue helmet) itself has raised eyebrows in the Prepper and survivalist community. Blue Helmet can be attributed to UN forces which also has concerns of real martial law orders in the USA.

With the passage of House Bill 195 into law, the State of Louisiana has banned the use of cash in all transactions involving secondhand goods... The bill prohibits cash transactions by "secondhand dealers," defined to include garage sales, flea markets, resellers of specialty items, and even non-profit resellers like Goodwill... Last month it was reported that the U.S. Justice Department ordered bank employees to snitch to the cops on customers who withdrew $5,000 or more. In a speech, assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell exhorted banks to “alert law enforcement authorities about the problem” so that police can “seize the funds” or at least “initiate an investigation”.

ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector... “coyotes” engaged in human smuggling help move ISIS terrorists through the desert and across the border between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, New Mexico. To the east of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, cartel-backed “coyotes” are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas.

ISIS has proclaimed its intentions to strike the United States. Is it still possible to dismiss such statements as mere bluster? Perhaps more significant are the implications for Obama’s desire to import millions of “refugees” into the U.S., in disregard of our immigration and port-of-entry laws. Is it even conceivable that he’s unaware of the opportunities such a policy offers to the enemies of the United States? We face a dichotomy: Either this man, who’s been ballyhooed over and over as “the most intelligent president of our time,” is in league with the enemies of the United States, or he’s a total idiot without any ability to comprehend the consequences of his actions.

The young woman said she was trafficked domestically in Canada, where she grew up, and in the United States. She couldn't go to police because they were some of her abusers. "There was gang raping," she said. "The police officer who handcuffed me and raped me, told me I would be put in jail if I opened my voice."

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about her views on gun control... "I believe that we need a more thoughtful conversation, we cannot let a minority of people -- and that's what it is, it is a minority of people -- hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people," Clinton said during a CNN town hall.

Scientists at a Polish company that produce body armor systems are working to implement a non-Newtonian liquid in their products... When hit by a high-speed projectile, a wide area of the STF hardens instantly, causing the usually massive energy to be dispersed away from the wearer's internal organs.

Hillary Clinton's astroturf candidacy is in full swing in Iowa. Her Tuesday morning visit to a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa was staged from beginning to end, according to Austin Bird, one of the men pictured sitting at the table with Mrs. Clinton. Bird told Daily Mail Online that campaign staffer Troy Price called and asked him and two other young people to meet him Tuesday morning at a restaurant in Davenport, a nearby city. Price then drove them to the coffee house to meet Clinton after vetting them for about a half-hour. The three got the lion's share of Mrs. Clinton's time and participated in what breathless news reports described as a 'roundtable'– the first of many in her brief Iowa campaign swing... In LeClaire on Tuesday, Bloomberg and other outlets referred to Bird as a 'student' at St. Ambrose University, not as a hospital government-affairs staffer with Democratic party street-cred.

Germany plans to procure more than 100 additional Leopard 2 tanks, a government spokesman said on Friday, as it seeks to ensure its troops are ready for action in response to concerns over recent Russian assertiveness... The ministry has decided to raise the upper limit for the future to 328... in the 1980s, the then West Germany had more than 3,500 tanks. Now, seventy years after World War Two, it has just 225.

Americans as young as 4 years old are being leg shackled, handcuffed, tasered and held at gun point for not being quiet, not being orderly and just being childlike—i.e., not being compliant enough. Americans as old as 95 are being beaten, shot and killed for questioning an order, hesitating in the face of a directive, and mistaking a policeman crashing through their door for a criminal breaking into their home—i.e., not being submissive enough. And Americans of every age and skin color are being taught the painful lesson that the only truly compliant, submissive and obedient citizen in a police state is a dead one.

Federal Reserve stimulus actions “seem” to have failed miserably. Now our nation is facing a firestorm. But I would submit that the Federal Reserve has not failed in its mission. The Fed’s purpose is not to defend the stability of the U.S. economy and the dollar; the Fed’s purpose is to destroy the stability of the U.S. economy and the dollar. Thus, the Fed has succeeded in its mission. And I believe a full audit of Fed policies and actions would prove this fact beyond a doubt... It is not a product of blind coincidence, fate, political stupidity or corporate greed. It is an engineered event meant to clear the way for an even more sinister economic environment designed to establish a final economic empire with the purpose of permanently enslaving us all.

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister, Hungary - Let us not forget that those who believe that there is ultimate victory in democracy are completely wrong. Only the communists believed that there can be a final struggle and an ultimate victory–and look where they ended up.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants hotels to monitor how much time its guests spend in the shower. The agency is spending $15,000 to create a wireless system that will track how much water a hotel guest uses to get them to “modify their behavior.”

At the end of his second term, Woodrow Wilson left office in disgrace, his League of Nations proposal rejected, the economy sinking into a deep recession, and relations with Congress literally nonexistent. When he died just after the landslide election of his Republican successor, Wilson’s Democratic vice president was so fearful of public opinion that he refused to be sworn in. The country drifted for months without a president in office.

Disarmament is never the objective. Instead the negotiations invariably allow the other side to increase its arsenal and capabilities. That is what they are designed to do. The left does not believe that nuclear weapons are evil. It did not believe that Soviet nuclear weapons were evil. It does not believe that Iran’s nuclear program is evil. It believes that American power is evil. Iranian nuclear weapons are good because they weaken America. Like Soviet nuclear weapons, they undermine American power... That has always been the endgame.

Killing a police dog is essentially equivalent to killing a human cop, or at least close enough (serious prison time). A cop killing a person's non-threatening dog in a raid on the wrong home? Not even worthy of discipline for the cop.
comment, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-11/one-nation-divided-without-liberty-and-injustice-all

Dimmer and dimmer we get, and dimmer, and dimmer. What else could one expect in a feminized system of schools hostile to academics, boys, talent, and competition? And unable to see the consequences of their sillinesses? Not to worry, though. Not for a little bit.

JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon - Some things never change — there will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt by the financial market. The trigger to the next crisis will not be the same as the trigger to the last one – but there will be another crisis... There already is far less liquidity in the general marketplace ... Liquidity can be even more important in a stressed time because investors need to sell quickly, and without liquidity, prices can gap, fear can grow and illiquidity can quickly spread – even in supposedly the most liquid markets.

I believe the reason nobody went to jail after either the 2000 Tech Wreck nor after 2008 is that the effective criminal immunity admitted to by none other than the Attorney General is the means by which the "most important" people at these firms are able to continue to earn a positive real rate of return despite their active participation in the destruction of purchasing power for the American nation as a whole. Note that what these institutions have not been given is a promise that they won't be "sued" or otherwise civilly pursued as a company. This gives the so-called "prosecutors" cover to claim "they're doing something" just as it does for Warren's CFPB. But it does exactly nothing to the bank's officers and high-level employees because when the cash position of the firm is impacted by these settlements and lawsuits that in turn hits the stock price and the officers and high-level employees are, in large part, paid via cash bonuses. Instead it is the "little guy" who directly and indirectly (e.g. via his mutual funds, 401ks and pension plans) that gets to pay the "settlement" for the harm done to him -- in effect the government sues and collects from the victim of the scheme!

There is a healthy range of salt consumption for most people. When eating a whole foods diet, most people tend to consume an appropriate amount of salt simply due to an innate preference for saltiness. In fact, the consumption of salt around the world for over two centuries has remained in the range of 1.5 to three teaspoons per day, which appears to hold the lowest risk for disease. Our bodies may have a natural sodium appetite through which our ideal salt intake is regulated... you can be confident in following your own natural taste for salt when adding it to your food during preparation.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - This past Wednesday, UPAC Cinema decided to postpone the screening of the controversial film, American Sniper. This decision was made after careful consideration of a request by RPI Muslim Students Association to cancel the film. We realized that this movie has caused heightened tension across communities and college campuses nationwide, including violent actions and even murders... Based on the discussion between MSA and UPAC Cinema on April 8th, we have agreed that the screening should go on only if proper discussion and clarification over the topic is conducted.

9 Strange Sounds No One Can Explain

The sweaty effort to appear fresh reinforces the suspicion that Hillary senses danger in the argument that she’s awfully close to her expiration date. It’s not merely a matter of age, though she will be 69 come next Inauguration Day, which would put her close to Ronald Reagan’s record. The real issue is Clinton fatigue, a national exhaustion from having been-there-done-that too many times. Her husband’s popularity counts for something, but she’s already milked that cow dry.

A team of two undergraduate students and their adviser at Missouri Southern State University has built a type of particle detector usually found only at large research organizations like CERN. Using a little more than five hundred dollars worth of off-the-shelf parts, the team constructed a ring-imaging Cherenkov (RICH) detector, which can identify electronically charged subatomic particles by analyzing the eerie glow of light the particles emit when they travel faster through a material than the speed of light in that material.

The Central American Seaway, which once separated the Panama Arc from South America, may have closed 10 million years earlier than is believed. Montes et al. report that certain minerals of Panamanian provenance began to appear in South America during the Middle Miocene, 15 to 13 million years ago. The presence of the minerals indicates that rivers were flowing from the Panama Arc into the shallow marine basins of northern South America. One interpretation of this finding is that large-scale ocean flow between the Atlantic and Pacific had ended by then. If this is true, then many models of paleo-ocean circulation and biotic exchange between the Americas need to be reconsidered.

NYC mayor, about Hillary: "It’s a much different time than 2008. There are a lot of new issues and new material for Hillary to address. She is one of the most qualified people to ever run for this office. I think she’s a tremendous public servant. She doesn’t need to be vetted. She does need to address the issues, and that can be done with or without a primary."

Hillary press release - From her mother’s own childhood – in which she was abandoned by her parents – to her work going door-to-door for the Children’s Defense Fund to her battling to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, she’s fought children and families all her career.

The headline was standard: Teen girls give Pa. woman black eye for ‘shushing’ them in movie theater. They broke her eye socket. But this is called a black eye in medialand’s headlines. Two loud, cursing teenagers did not know how to conduct themselves in a public place. A woman asked them to behave like civilized people. Fat chance... They left the screening room, and they jumped her when she left the theater. They beat her up. This was no spur-of-the-moment attack.

The illegal invaders who pick oranges and strawberries are said to be doing jobs "Americans won't do" but the fact is that the only reason they won't do them is that the wages offered to these invaders are too low to meet subsistence requirements if you pay taxes. The invaders, of course, do not.

Blacks have proven to be unreliable victims. Like the Soviet Union, it is hard to ignore the bodies stacking up. The near total absence of demonstrable discrimination was also a problem. Whites have been reordering their lives to accommodate the sensibilities of black people for a long time now. A new civil right movement was just not practical. Instead, they went for homosexuals, sexual deviants, immigrants and single white women. Blacks, as a voting block, have been taken for granted by Progressives for a long time now so there’s no reason to cater to them... The last Great Progressive Wave collapsed in an orgy of drug abuse and violence. This wave will end similarly.

Decommissioned their civil defence program. Decommissioned their anti-ballistic program. Decommissioned most of their early warning command centres. Left with junk ICBMs that the surviving engineers warn should not be fired at all because of their age and lack of proper maintenance. It is going to be a massacre. Russia will wax this country's ass. No wise nation would provoke anybody in the condition they are in right now. So pathetic they have to pretend in the article that all they have to worry about is an attack by North Korea. Right.

You have to be blind not to notice the entire countries infrastructure collapse. And, no, it isn’t just the lack of money. If it was, we would just re-do the Great Depression and rebuild everything while employing everyone. It is lack of resources, both mineral and energy. Do you remember the amount of airplanes we built in WWII? Sixty thousand. Remember how long it took to build Hoover Dam? Three years, on budget. They churned out naval ships in a WEEK. Nothing is as it was. Adapt and overcome. My point here is that all of our crap we built is past its expiration date, and it will NOT be replaced-if we get lucky it is patched.

The “compelling government interest” doctrine, under which any individual right can be abridged, modified, suspended, or simply ignored, can be used to justify any action by government, regardless of its consequences. Who, after all, gets to define such interests? It certainly isn’t you or I. The notion is entirely antithetical to constitutionalism, under which a government’s sphere of action is constrained to specified subjects and further limited by individuals’ rights. Had the Founding Fathers foreseen “compelling government interest” being put forward to rationalize the outrages we suffer today, they’d have given up on the whole Constitutional project as being too good for a people who’d kneel before such a lie.

Ladybugs were intentionally introduced to America in an attempt to curb the growing pest population threatening crops at the turn of the 20th century. Two kinds of ladybug were introduced by a man named Albert Koebele in 1888 and 1891 respectively. They were so effective at controlling pest populations where introduced, efforts were soon put in place to breed them.

Muslim, Middle Eastern and North African students at the University of Michigan were successful in their mission to cancel a campus screening of “American Sniper” – claiming the film promotes anti-Muslim rhetoric and made them feel unsafe... “We deeply regret causing harm to members of our community and appreciate the thoughtful feedback provided to us by students and staff alike,” the Center for Campus Involvement wrote on its Facebook page. “While our intent was to show a film, the impact of the content was harmful, and made students feel unsafe and unwelcome at our program.”

We're planning to show American Sniper in a separate forum that provides an appropriate space for dialogue & reflection. More info to come.

The University of Michigan said late Wednesday that it will show the film "American Sniper" as originally scheduled after a protest by students and staff caused the screening to be scrapped... University Vice President for Student Life E. Royster Harper called the decision to cancel the Friday night showing a "mistake" in a statement. "The initial decision to cancel the movie was not consistent with the high value the University of Michigan places on freedom of expression and our respect for the right of students to make their own choices in such matters," Harper said. "The movie will be shown at the originally scheduled time and location."

Welfare recipients cannot spend their government aid on body piercings, massages, spas, tobacco, nail salons, lingerie, arcades, cruise ships or visits to psychics. The bill also forbids spending the funds at theme parks, dog or horse racing tracks, a “sexually oriented business or any retail establishment which provides adult-oriented entertainment in which performers disrobe or perform in an unclothed state for entertainment, or in any business or retail establishment where minors under age 18 are not permitted.”

How to Keep Your Cat, The Distaff Gospels, c.1470: If you have a good cat and you don't want to lose it, you must rub its nose and four legs with butter for three days, and it will never leave the house.

I met a few of these Southern good ol’ boys in my own travels around the country in the mid-1970s. They seemed amiable enough, friendly and harmless if you minded your manners. The species is well-nigh extinct today; yet still they lurk in the Progressive imagination, the eternal boogie-man of the Left, metastasized nationwide now, disguised as bakers, florists, photographers.

It has been a year of crackdowns, clampdowns, shutdowns, showdowns, shootdowns, standdowns, knockdowns, putdowns, breakdowns, lockdowns, takedowns, slowdowns, meltdowns, and never-ending letdowns. We’ve been held up, stripped down, faked out, photographed, frisked, fracked, hacked, tracked, cracked, intercepted, accessed, spied on, zapped, mapped, searched, shot at, tasered, tortured, tackled, trussed up, tricked, lied to, labeled, libeled, leered at, shoved aside, saddled with debt not of our own making, sold a bill of goods about national security, tuned out by those representing us, tossed aside, and taken to the cleaners.

Who could have expected the draconian measures the Times would propose? Either Christians fully embrace the gay lifestyle, or you will be coerced into doing so. Op-ed writer Frank Bruni, onetime Times restaurant critic and a gay activist, has written that Christians who hold on to “ossified,” biblically-based beliefs regarding sexual morality have no place at America’s table and are deserving of no particular regard... “Religion,” writes Bruni, “is going to be the final holdout and most stubborn refuge for homophobia. It will give license to discrimination.” And thus it must be stamped out.

When you block all normal means of dissent, whether by ignoring the political will of you opponents or using the media to mock and abuse them, you build up the pressure. In 30+ years as an active conservative, I’ve never heard people so angry, so frustrated, so fed up. These emotions are supposed to be dissipated by normal political processes. But liberals are bottling them up. And they will blow. It’s only a matter of how... I am warning liberals that they are setting the conditions for violence. And that better worry them, for the coastal elites are uniquely unsuited to a world where force rules instead of law. The Serbs were, at least, a warrior people. The soft boys and girls who brought us helicopter parenting, “trigger warnings” and coffee cups with diversity slogans are not.

We have a new low as the nominal yield on 10-year bonds issued in Switzerland goes negative: you actually owe the Swiss government money if you own this paper. Of course, this is still a decent deal: the Swiss National Bank's overnight deposit rate is -0.75%. So by borrowing from the government at -0.055%, you're still like, losing a bit less money than you would by parking that money in a bank.

Bank deposits in Austria will no longer enjoy state protection and a state guarantee in the event of bank runs and a bank collapse when legislation is enacted in July... Austria is regarded as being part of the EU's "hard core". What unfolds in Austria will likely follow across the EU.

In its rage and self-righteousness, the Left always overreaches. Always. I’ve seen that reality in 20 years of on-campus battles, we’re seeing that reality as their hate campaign against Memories Pizza helped make the owners a pile of money, and we saw it when we watched unhinged rhetoric help turn American Sniper into the top-grossing movie of 2014.

Founder Sergey Brin’s work at Stanford University on what would later become Google received funding and even oversight from the CIA and the Pentagon through a program created to seed and incubate technology research that could later prove useful for information warfare. Google may even be actively taking part in that information warfare, especially the branch known as “perception management,” and in addition to its participation in mass surveillance.

The situation in early modern England was akin to a low-grade war, and it was not for nothing that its justice system seems to us so barbaric. The judges and juries were dealing with barbarians: gangs of young men who led a predatory lifestyle that made life miserable for people who ventured beyond the safety of their own homes.

France’s culture minister is to call an urgent meeting of French media groups to assess their vulnerability to hacking after the public service television network TV5Monde was taken over by individuals claiming to belong to Islamic State, blacking out broadcasts as well as hacking its websites and Facebook page... “Soldiers of France, stay away from the Islamic State! You have the chance to save your families, take advantage of it,” read one message.

Small business America will not survive without small capital hoards. The same problem they had in the depression. The reason for the length of the depression, was the confiscation of gold. The inability of small businesses to find capital pools in an atmosphere of credit unwinding, and the simple death of the money supply in lew of the indestructible gold that was confiscated was the cause for an extra decade of suffering.

During the 1860’s, people still wrote with quill pens and ink, even though Joseph Dixon introduced the first graphite pencil in 1829. It wasn’t until the Civil War that the demand for a dry, clean, portable writing instrument became popular and led to the mass production of pencils. Joseph Dixon was the first to develop pencil automation. In 1872, the company was making 86,000 pencils a day.

The University of Chicago’s student government plans to spend $25,000 to teach college students how to “hang out.” The Uncommon Fund, which is maintained by the student government, allocates money every year “to encourage students to take action on campus in creative and unique ways,” according to its website... Proposed workshop ideas include “Advanced Time-Killing,” “Maxing and Relaxing,”and “Hanging Out Vs. ‘Hanging Out,’” in air quotes.

M2 is going up 9% and reported consumer inflation is going up somewhere between 0 and 2%, where is the other missing money going? Into the rat hole of dark pools of capital. The rich are piling up money left and right because falling interest rates have driving them into cash accumulation mode and it’s going to blow up the country – like it does in every Great Depression.

The Equal Opportunity briefing took place Thursday for about 400 soldiers of the 67th Signal Battalion, Capt. Lindsay Roman, an Army spokeswoman, said Friday. The slide titled "The Luxury of Obliviousness" has bullet-point items about "white privilege." One item reads, "Race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans or to how white privilege affects them. 'To be white in America means not having to think about it.' "

"We are officially retracting 'A Rape on Campus,'" Dana said in an editor's letter. "We are also committing ourselves to a series of recommendations about journalistic practices that are spelled out in the report." ... Dana also said "we would like to apologize to our readers and to all of those who were damaged by our story and the ensuing fallout, including members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and UVA administrators and students."

The real casualty of this report and story IMHO ought to be the grievance industry -- the same industry and "dedicated" group of people who brought us Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse allegations and more... look at what the grievance industry managed to accomplish anyway: A ban on kegger parties pretty much on a national basis -- a perfectly legal practice (even if stupid) among fraternities, so-called "policies" mandating various monitoring during major social events and more. All of these changes came as a result of a false allegation of conduct that never happened yet they have not been walked back or dismantled... It looks like yet another assault on the so-called "white privilege" by social justice warriors who, it appears, raised and promulgated a false claim of serious felony conduct.

The left-leaning New York City council is currently drafting legislation that would allow all legal residents, regardless of citizenship, the right to vote in city elections. ... Adjusting the figure to account for undocumented migrants, the study claims that about one million more New Yorkers would be eligible to vote were the bill passed.

Colonel John Boyd - Poland, 1939. Hitler had 40,000 casualties of which about 8,000 were dead. The Polish had roughly 800,000 of which a little less than 600,000 were prisoners—the rest were in other categories. Belgium, Holland., and France, 1940. Hitler had about 156,000 casualties of which around 35,000 were dead. The allies had roughly 2,300,000 of which about 2,000,000 were prisoners. If I throw in Norway and Denmark, add another 5,000 casualties or maybe less so what I am saying is that for roughly 200,000 casualties he took over Poland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and France. That is a low investment. The allies had around 3,500,000 casualties, of which almost 3,000,000 were prisoners.

Though Western mainstream media pundits argue that the recent strength of the U.S. stock market and the U.S. dollar are proof positive that an economic recovery has taken hold, Neumeyer says exactly the opposite is happening. The reason for the recent rise in the value of the world’s reserve currency, he suggests, is a result of the massive unwinding of U.S. debt as private investors and governments around the globe know a rush for the exits is coming soon.

Slavery existed because in economic terms it was well suited to plantations, and accomplished the enrichment of greedy men of negligible decency—which is to say, businessmen. But slavery was ill-suited to an industrial state. It lacked flexibility. You had to feed and maintain slaves whether business was up or down. They were a burden and a responsibility. Kindly Yankees hit upon the superior idea of sweated labor, usually of immigrants who had no way of defending themselves. These could be fired when convenient. If they then died it was a matter of no account as, the Lord be praised, more were arriving by the boatload.

Washington D.C., which has a gun ownership rate of 3.8 percent and yet has the highest rate of gun murders with 16.5 per 100,000 residents. Compared to wild-wild-west Wyoming where 59.7 percent of the people own guns and they have a murder rate of 0.9 gun related murders per 100,000 people. D.C., has a similar population to Wyoming with both having about 600,000 residents. The Brady Campaign is headquartered in D.C. Another glaring omission by the Brady Campaign is the State of Vermont which had only two gun related deaths despite a gun ownership rate over 40 percent. To make the numbers even more in favor of gun ownership Vermont concealed carry does not require a permit, license, training requirements or anything else for that matter to carry concealed.

Who do you think will die first, well-armed white men willing to fight or unarmed liberals in gun-free zones at universities?

Strong encryption benefits both the honest and dishonest; the law enforcement agency and the criminal; the state and the individual. You cannot compromise said strength without the damage done by doing so accruing to everyone. Since there are far fewer terrorists than legitimate businesses and government agencies the balance is never in favor of restricting the strength of encryption.

Promoting an honest conversation about race will be, as per Mao, “enticing the snakes out of their caves.” Racists will now publically confess their crimes and, to add insult to injury, pay for an overpriced cup of coffee to boot! Critically, costs will be asymmetrical: whites who speak negatively about blacks will face punishment; by contrast, blacks slandering whites are just being frank, honest, and forthright and otherwise acting commendably... Better to avoid any frank discussion of race save among one’s most trusted friends. If asked to join the “conversation” insist that you know nothing other than there is no such thing as race, it is socially constructed and those who talk about race are fueling hate.

The Paris Match journalist also insisted investigators knew from the “very first day” about the cause of the crash but kept quiet until the first press leaks. “From day one, the first night, the investigators knew this was an affair that involved the pilots. The black box recorder was decrypted the first night, there were no problems. German investigators entered Lubitz’s apartment on the first night and found a mountain of medication. We maintain this too.”

The head of the Georgia chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to promote nonviolent social change, on Tuesday advocated African-American families “exercise their Second Amendment rights” in response to recent police shootings of unarmed black men. “You stand there, (police) shoot. You run, they shoot. We’re going to have to take a different tack,” Samuel Mosteller, longtime president of the Georgia SCLC, told reporters.

Religious liberty is the terms of surrender the Right is requesting in the culture war. It is conservative America saying to the cultural and political elites, you have your gay marriage, your no-fault divorce, your obscene music and television, your indoctrinating public schools and your abortion-on-demand. May we please be allowed to not participate in these? But no. Tolerance isn't the goal. Religious conservatives must atone for their heretical views with acts of contrition: Bake me a cake, photograph my wedding, pay for my abortion and my contraception.

When systemic fraud reaches a certain level where collapse of some basic institution is inevitable, the powers that be invent a different storyline. They tell an outright fairy tale and keep pushing it. They’ll even stage events that confirm the fairy tale. Anything to avoid the truth that would disintegrate the whole structure. For example: the structure called Psychiatry.
Jon Rappoport http://www.activistpost.com/2015/04/germanwings-plane-crash-major-media.html

The whole country has to keep being dragged through these liberal hate campaigns, but as soon as the precipitating event turns out to be a gigantic hoax, the truth is revealed like a bedtime story being read to a child: The ending is whispered and the narrator tiptoes out of the room... Every single cause championed by liberals is based on a fake story. They make up events that didn't happen and get apoplectic over things that never will happen. The definition of "liberal" is quickly becoming: people who believe their fantasies should be facts.

Having won the war on gay marriage (by judicial fiat), now some liberal zealots insist on going house-to-house and shooting the survivors. They seem to seek out Christian businesses to provide floral arrangements and cakes for gay weddings so they can call the cops if the Christians try to pass.

The weapon Guevara and his men called the “M-16” was a sawed-off 16-guage break-breach shotgun modified into a makeshift mortar for launching Molotov cocktails. A pair of adjustable legs formed a tripod at the butt of the gun, which made it possible to fire while resting on the ground. The operator then loaded a shotgun shell with the shot removed. Finally, the user inserted a stick?—?with a bottle of gasoline resting on the end?—?into the muzzle. The Cuban M-16 could launch a Molotov “a hundred meters or more with a fairly high degree of accuracy,” Guevara wrote. It was “an ideal weapon for entrenchments when the enemy has many wooden or inflammable material constructions?—?also for firing against tanks in hilly country.”

All 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies have begun to prepare for World War III. Making matters worse, his colleagues believe it could begin within the next 6 months.
Jim Rickards, the CIA's Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, at http://moneymorning.com/ext/articles/rickards/chinese-plan-to-destroy-us-dollar.php

In 1936 after a devastating flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the state government passed a ‘temporary’ 10% tax on all alcohol sold in the state in order to help pay for disaster relief. Six years later the work was complete. But the tax is still on the books (now at 18%), with all the revenue going to whatever the state lawmakers want to blow it on. FICA is another great example. Though payroll taxes in the US were initially established to fund Social Security and Medicare, the federal government steals this revenue every year to haplessly try and plug budget deficits.

In the United States, the murder clearance rate in 1965 was more than 90 percent. Since the inception of the war on drugs, the murder clearance rate has plummetted to an average of less than 65 percent per year. This decline is in spite of there being far fewer murders. It is also in spite of new technological developments to help police solve crimes, like DNA testing, advanced forensic labs, and unethical spying devices like the stingray. Despite the near complete erosion of the constitutional protections against unlawful search and seizure, the clearance rate for murder continued its free fall. This highlights the fact that no matter how many rights are given up or freedoms diminished, police cannot guarantee your safety.

Bill O’Reilly has no reason to know about the long history of black mob violence associated with Spring Break. So earlier this week when he wanted to know why seven black people were shot following a large fight at a large party in Panama City, Florida, O’Reilly was probably not aware that just few weeks before, a group of black people attacked Dak Prescott, a Heisman Trophy candidate from Mississippi State. They left the dazed quarterback on his back in a parking lot, his assailants doing the victory dance on social media. On video. Nor was he aware that the vast majority of violence and gunplay getting so much attention at Panama Beach City is more than just a “young person” thing. It’s a black thing.

A handsome former video producer at CBS is suing for sexual harassment, saying he was repeatedly drunkenly groped and kissed by powerful men at the network — including the director for the “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.” ... Last March, Lombardi prepared a 10-minute video reel with excerpts of his best celebrity interviews, and asked the twice-his-age Colley for feedback. Colley suggested they meet at a gay bar, Hardware, in Hell’s Kitchen ... The evening devolved from there, with Colley allegedly urging drinks on the younger man while rubbing his thigh, texting him porn site links and asking what he thought about when he watched porn videos, the suit says.

Only a tiny minority of workers make the minimum wage. Something like 5% of hourly workers, and 3% of all workers, are paid minimum wage or less... about 1.5% of all workers are people 25 and older making minimum wage. The target for this "anti-poverty" program is thus truly tiny... Most minimum wage earners are not poor. The vast majority of minimum wage jobs are held as second jobs or held by second earners in a household or by the kids of affluent households... Most people in poverty don't make the minimum wage. In fact, the typically hourly income of the poor appears to be around $14 an hour. The problem is not the hourly rate, the problem is the availability of work.

Once you have dehumanized your enemy, stripped him of honor, you can justify any action toward him, including complete ideological annihilation. You have no reason to accept a negotiated truce, nor obey one should you decide to. When the media asks why the Right doesn’t support an increase in background check activity for firearms it is because of this. They know, deep down, that the truce will not be obeyed by the Left. Progressives will take that strong point, then demand the surrender of the next thing. If the Right thought the Left had honor, and that an agreement would be upheld, they might be willing to find compromise.

As one of the more useful principle of political analysis today goes: If our political elites in the West did hate their own countries, their own people, capitalism, and their own civilization, what would they do differently from what they are doing now?

You see the absurdity of all the arguments that the anti-gun people and the feds make. Because they all focus on the wording of the Supreme court’s opinion’s about the 2nd amendment, which is a straw man. Because the S.Ct. can’t point to anywhere in the constitution that gives the Feds any right to pass legislation about the peoples' arms to begin with. The feds can’t stop the people from having tanks or RPG’s or fighter jets or anything else because they were not given the authority to regulate those items.


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We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.
Ayn Rand

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Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants and debt is the money of slaves.

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The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
Ayn Rand

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Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.
George Orwell, 1984

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There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.
Ayn Rand

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The socialist ideal eventually goes viral, and the majority learns to game the system. Everyone is trying to live at the expense of everyone else. In the terminal phase, the failure of the system is disguised under a mountain of lies, hollow promises, and debts. When the stream of other people's money runs out, the system collapses.
Kevin Brekke

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When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you you may know that your society is doomed.
Ayn Rand

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Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics ... It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.
Vaclav Havel

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Injustice is relatively easy to bear; what stings is justice.
H. L. Mencken

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We have reached a point of diminishing returns in our public life. Hardly anything actually needs doing. We may in fact be past that point; not only does nothing much need doing, but we'd benefit if much of what has been done were to be undone.
John Derbyshire


Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.
Thomas Jefferson

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